President’s report, 2020

So it’s another year gone and it’s been an unusual one but a good one. 

Our regular meetings have been really well attended when we could meet in person either here at the Wheatsheaf Hotel or at Little Bang Brewing Co. 

In the time of isolation, we want to keep providing value for money for members to feel a part of a club, so we went online. COVID was the curveball of the year. We managed to give everyone some connection via Zoom and I think everyone understands it’s not the ideal scenario for holding meetings but we tried to make it different and still give everyone the feeling they were part of a club still.

While we continue to grow and welcome new members we also acknowledge that asking people to bring in beers for tasting is getting harder so we worked on new ways of sharing our beers. We introduced bottle swap or bingo and as we did in February, a beer assessment night tasting more beers from members. We’ll keep on looking at ways of making sure everyone’s homebrew is shared because that’s what a homebrewing club is about.

As a club, we brewed again at Left Barrel Brewing and we will do that again in October this year. I think a highlight was the brew days at Glen’s house too. 

Despite setbacks as COVID forced us to nearly cancel, we managed to pull off the Summer competition judged in isolation with two new members in the top three overall.

The Winter competition was judged last weekend and was a success as was our running of SABSOSA last September. Thanks to the team behind that, Gary, Julien and Brendan as well as everyone who volunteers to judge or steward. 

Our events took a bit of a hit with the Hills breweries tour having to be postponed. The summer event at the Petanque club was a new venue and worked well. Along with BeerBQ in May (that will be mid-August this year) these social events remain highlights of our calendar. 

We continue to strive to offer the best value for money for members through all our events, maintaining virtual meetings, prizes like the kettle we gave away and will give away another one in the next month too and brew days, connection, discounts and offers. But overall… 

The club is about community, especially in these times. It gives members a connection to others who love doing what they do and a support network of friendships that isn’t just about brewing beer but a whole lot more in life.

It’s been really heartening to see the members use the club’s network to call out for help when their equipment fails or are in urgent need of advice and mentorship.

The club works because of you the members but also the committee which really makes this stuff happen and I want to personally thank them for always being there to step up, step in and come up with the ideas and shoot down the not so good ones.

Thank you all.


SABC acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet, the Kurana of the Adelaide Plains pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

July Meeting AGM

As well as judging our Winter Competition at the Wheaty on Wednesday 18th July, we will have our Annual AGM before judging commences. As part of the proceedings, Club members will be able to vote for the incoming ’18/’19 Club Committee.

The SABC Committee is the engine room for the Club’s operations and without which the Club cannot function. Please be aware that all committee positions will be declared vacant before positions are elected and voted. The following positions will be made open for nominations, with a brief description of each:

Club President: Oversees the running of the Club

Vice President: Assists Club President and stands in where the President is unavailable

Secretary: Documentation, communication and administration duties

Treasurer: Oversees all Club finances

Competitions Officer: Club competition coordination and possible SABSOSA committee chief*

IT Officer: Oversees Club website, email and retail store

Social media Officer: Oversees social media, PR and promotion of the Club via online presence

Events Officer: Oversees Club bi-annual events and social gatherings

Sponsorships Officer: Oversees Club sponsorships for competitions and raffle etc

Meeting co-ordinator(NEW ROLE): Co-ordination of meeting administration including glassware, attendance forms, badges etc

Please consider if any of these roles appeal to you. New faces are welcomed and encouraged to help keep the passion and enthusiasm for the Club high. Club committee members meet up roughly quarterly for formal meetings and communicate regularly. Lets keep SABC up there with the best brew clubs in the country, YOUR BREW CLUB NEEDS YOU!

*Pending vote to incorporate SABSOSA and SABC. Details at the AGM.

2018-2019 Committee Announcement

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to attend this year’s AGM yesterday.  Please see below for links to the Treasurer’s report and President’s report.

It is with pleasure that I present the committee as elected at the AGM:

President: Clint Fisher
Vice President: Julien Gibson
Treasurer: Edward Shorne Holden
Secretary: Luke Moran
Competition Coordinator: Gary Waters
Publicity and Social Media Officer: Gus Kingston
IT Officer: Ben Till
Events Coordinator: Lachlan Johnson
Sponsorship Liaison Officer: Alex Kiddy

The new committee will be meeting shortly to begin planning out the the coming twelve months.  Stay posted for announcements!

SABC Presidents Report 2016-17

Audited SABC Financial Statement FY1617

2018 BJCP Study Group

If you’re interested in becoming a BJCP certified judge, we’re looking at organising a new study group for this year.  The study group meets once a month, and the purpose is to work through the BJCP styles, tasting examples of each style and discussing and scoring the beers tasted.  The goal is to get your judging skills to the point that you can sit the tasting exam and pass.  There is also a beer and brewing knowledge aspect, which is more about personal reading. There’s a lot of written material available form a number of sources specifically aimed at helping you pass the online entrance exam.

There is a tasting exam scheduled for April.  If you missed out on the last one, or want to try for a higher score, aim for this.

Anyone interested in the study group or exam should contact Gary on 0417893321

2016 AGM – Here’s what happened:

The AGM has been and gone, and thanks to all who took the time to attend.  Thanks also to Clint for running it.  The committee is largely unchanged this year, with one addition and a little shuffle.  Here is the list of committee members:

  • President: Julien Gibson
  • Vice President: Clinton Fisher
  • Treasurer: Ed Shorne Holden
  • Secretary: Luke Moran
  • General committee members:
    • Gary Waters (Development Officer)
    • Simon Rofe
    • Kieren Vercoe
    • Glen Phillis

Committee meetings are held on average every couple of months, and as always, anyone is welcome to attend.  We will endeavour to post notification of committee meetings here with as much notice as possible, but sometimes trying to get eight adults together on the same evening can be a bit like herding cats.

The president’s report which was presented at the AGM is attached to this post for anyone who wasn’t there.  The accounts are still being audited, however we will advise once that is complete and the auditor’s and treasurer’s report will be available to view upon request.

2016 AGM

The AGM is this coming Saturday the 23rd of July, starting at 1pm sharp out the back at the Wheaty.

Attached to this post are the agenda for the AGM, as well as the minutes of the last AGM.

At the AGM, all committee positions will be declared vacant, and any financial member is eligible to nominate for a role on the committee.  There are four club officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  There are also up to four general committee members, one of which this year we are specifically targeting as a development officer. This role is essentially to build relationships between the club and potential sponsors and the brewing community generally.  Anyone who wishes to nominate for a position can send an email, or nominate on the day.

Another (final, I promise) reminder that to be eligible to vote at the AGM, you must be a financial member.

We hope to see as many members there as possible, and don’t for get the Winter Competition judging is straight after the AGM.

South Australian Brewing Club 2016 AGM Agenda

SABC 2015 AGM minutes

Check out our new Facebook group

We’ve got the SABC Facebook group up and running, check it out here:  If you’re a bit of a Facebook troglodyte (like me), a group is different to a page, such as our regular SABC Facebook page, in that it allows anyone who is a member of the group to post.  All posts are on the main group page for all to see, rather than on a seperate visitor’s page.

The idea is to make this the place for discussion between members that we can all post to  and easily see, so if you’re a Facebook-er, head over and put in a member request.  There’s already some quality (?!) stuff on there…

Behold, our new Calendar page!

The Calendar page is finally live, and you can check it out here.  At the moment there are only a couple of entries in it, but from now on we will be adding in all SABC meetings and events, as well as any other events (competitions etc.) that we come across.  You can export ics calendar entries, which will allow you to add events to your own calendars.  If you experience any difficulties, please let us know.

The survey results are in…

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our short survey.  We really appreciated the feedback received, which was very positive in general. Some excellent feedback suggestions and challenges were put to the club. We’d like to share some of the common themes with you and share with you what the club will be looking to initiate as a result of your feedback.

Here’s what you’ve said:

It’s hard to get a group of people to truly share and communicate without fear of failure or feeling stupid for not knowing something and making mistakes . Knowing and remembering each others names would be good to help stop little sub groups forming because they can’t remember other members names.

-Really great feedback. The committee have discussed the possibility of name tags. We think it should go ahead. 

Better agenda with serious beer discussion matters each meeting.

-Agreed. There were a number of comments along these lines.  The club will be setting the discussion/theme agenda ahead in advance by at least 6 months so members know what to expect and look forward to. This will be sent out in separate comms by email newsletter and club website. 

I think it would be good to see the club extend beyond the Brew Adelaide forum.

Over the last year the club has moved all of its communications to members from the Brew Adelaide forum to Newsletter emails and website updates. There have only been a few updates to the wider beer community on Brew Adelaide to promote events to non members. The club is now entirely separate from Brew Adelaide. 

Create a Facebook group instead of the current Facebook ‘community’.The Facebook community page as it is tends to just be club officials sharing various posts. There’s useful info in the posts but rarely anything directly related to the club or its members. I think an SABC group on Facebook would be a lot more interactive, allowing club members to post/share themselves, find/add members as friends and get a better sense of who’s in the club (real names, photos etc). It’s also a great way to advertise the club and get more people to sign up.

Another excellent bit of feedback! The committee will look into this as a matter of priority.

The Wheaty is great, but our own premises would allow the club to expand into more activities and be heard over the jets etc.

-This would be fantastic. However, at this stage with financial constraints, it just is not possible. If anyone has suggestions for how this can be affordably done i.e. venue share with other clubs etc, please contact the club to discuss. Regarding noise, this is not as bad when out in the back area. The club has communicated concerns around clashes of events with the Wheaty. When this happens, using the lounge area at the Wheaty is no longer an acceptable situation. The Wheaty have assured us that for the remainder of the year, there are no further clashes. The club will look to have a few meetings at alternative venues too, like the recent visit to Little Bang for example. 

The communication has slipped in the past ~12 months to the point where it’s hard to even know what’s going on around the club. I feel there should be a little more transparency around what the committee are working on – especially with an important event like AABC/ANHC coming up later in the year in Adelaide. From the outside it appears that all the work is being done by only a couple of people. I hope that isn’t the case as it’s a sure recipe for burnout.

-Feedback noted. This is especially true for meeting topic agendas. As previously mentioned, the club will publish topics ahead. The committee can discuss the possibility of making committee meeting minutes available. 

A calendar of events should be published.

We are looking at integrating a calendar into the website, and hopefully this will come online in the next few weeks.  The plan is to include club events, key competition dates for all SA competitions, as well as other dates of interest to members.

Perhaps more sponsors required to donate raffle prizes.

-Absolutely! Suggestions are welcome. 

The full survey results are available here if you wish to read them.

The AGM is coming

As announced at the April meeting, the AGM is being held on Saturday July 23rd, starting at 1pm, to the back at the Wheaty.  Keen observers will have noted that this is also the date for judging the winter competition. We will power through the AGM first, and then get on to the judging after that.

All committee positions will be declared vacant at the AGM, and absolutely anyone (who is a financial member) is eligible to nominate for a position.  Nominations can be mailed to the club in advance, and are also open on the day of the AGM.

There will be an agenda circulated closer to the event, but if you have any questions regarding the AGM, being on the committee or indeed anything else please send us an email at

Now taking orders for SABC gear

SABC members, roll up your sleeves with SABC’s official gear!
Orders are now being taken for SABC T-shirts, polos and hoodies available in the following:

  • T-shirts available in Black and White with 4 colour logo at the front and on the back; $25 each.
  • Polos available in black with 4 colour logo on the left hand chest and on the back; $25 each.
  • Hoodies available in black with 4 colour logo on the front and on the back; $45 each.

Sample sizes will be available at the next SABC club meeting on the 20th April and also the BeerBQ event on Saturday 9th April.
Orders will need to be submitted to the club together with payment confirmation by the 1st May 2016.  Email
Please indicate your choice of garment as well as size required.

SABC has new email addresses

As part of the move to new web hosting, we have also moved our email into our own domain.  This means we have access to more email addresses, which will hopefully streamline the way members communicate with the club.  From today on, please use the email addresses below for all correspondence.  The Gmail account will be forwarded until the end of the year, at which point it will be closed.  This is the new general club email.  Use this for anything that doesn’t specifically fit any other category.  This is for membership sign up and renewals only.  This is for any correspondence to do with club events.  This is for any correspondence to do with club competitions.