Nomination for Life Membership for Julien Gibson

I was pleased to nominate Julien Gibson for SA Brewing Club Life Membership at the AGM last week. It was seconded and passed without opposition. As he was unable to be there, the award will be presented at a meeting in the future.

There’s a theory of clubs and groups that says, for every 100 people in a group, nine will be active and one person will be super-active. Julien Gibson is SABC’s one. He has been a key member of our club since its inception and puts a lot in to make it run well. 

He oversaw the club’s transformation from a group of homebrewers to an incorporated club.

Introduced a modern cashless and online membership system — said to be one of the first brewing clubs to offer it. This reduces the workload for everyone else from the treasure down.

Life MembershipWe have a shop to manage and buy club merchandise.

Our website is never down and is an important feature in presenting what the club is to the interested outsider.

He has set up and managed the competition portal for all our club competitions and SABSOSA is also said to be the first in Australia to do so.

He is the club’s public officer to keep us legal and within the associations’ laws.

He’s won many Best Beer of Show awards and places in competitions.

He was a club president and has been on the club committee for all of its existence.

His contribution to the ideas and progress of the club is highly valued.

President’s Report, 2022

Another year is done — a year that wasn’t without Covid disruptions but we managed to work around it.
The club finally managed to host its premier event, BeerBQ, in its old format in June. All brewers bring whatever creation they want to share, food cooked and provided by the club and everyone digs in. The new venue at the ETKG Tennis Club was great and my only regret was I couldn’t be there (bloody Covid).

Our alternative events were also well attended and enjoyed — like our British cask beers night at the Hilton Hotel.
In an attempt to work around the restrictions on gatherings, we introduced the team’s brew-off. The first was the supermarket challenge that resulted in some interesting and very drinkable creations.

The second was Brew The Burra — a brewing challenge to replicate Lady Burra beers. Something closer to known styles than the supermarket beers.

While fun, the team events allowed newer members to connect with others often in their local area and in turn strengthened connections within the membership.

Again we successfully ran SABSOSA, won by our own Brendan Macey, and two club competitions.
Throughout the year members had some social catch-ups at local venues including Shapeshifter, Kickback and Brightstar.

All of this including regular monthly meetings couldn’t be organised by a single person and I thank the committee for all their work, even with life’s commitments, serious illness, Covid and weddings.

I won’t be standing again for president this time. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and I feel it’s time to let someone else have a go and new committee members to share their fresh ideas.

I’ll still be a part of the club of course.
Thank you.

Meeting Wednesday at the Wheaty and AGM

It’s been a big few weeks in beer with our Winter competition and Beer n BBQ on the weekend. We hope you can join us for the regular monthly meeting at the Wheaty on Wednesday from 7pm.

Our AGM meeting special guest is a club founding member, president, brewer and owner of Left Barrel Brewing, Brad Bown. He is also now 2022 Champion Beer of Show brewer with his Bob’s Ya Dunkle judged at the SA Beer Awards last week. He always has a lot to say about brewing and going pro.

We’ll also hold our AGM and to begin the celebration of the club’s 10th anniversary, the club will put on some special treats for everyone attending.

The AGM agenda is here (but will probably be updated on the night), including nominations received so far, and the minutes of the 2021 AGM here. You can still nominate for a committee place now via email or on the night at the meeting. As we wrote before, joining the committee is rewarding, fun and helps steer the best brewing club in Australia in the right direction.

We’ll also be presenting the medals to the winners of the Winter Competition.

It’s mid-winter and you know what that means!

Greetings. It’s that time of SABC’s year for two things — the winter competition and its AGM.

Monthly meeting, July 20. 7pm at the Wheaty

We’re going to have a special guest speaker in July and to begin to celebrate the club’s 10th anniversary, we’re putting on some special treats for meeting attendees.  

As notified last week, the club’s AGM will be held at 7pm. Official business doesn’t take long. The main task is to present the club’s finances and elect the committee for 2022/23. This is where you come in.

The club invites members to nominate for committee positions to help the club grow, develop ideas, events and projects and make it a friendly club to be part of. 

The club has a committee meets every two months and keeps in touch via the chat app Slack to organise things (as well as banter and talk beer and brewing). It’s not all business.

The time commitment is not onerous. We acknowledge that everyone has commitments, work, family, travel and life’s ups and downs. The bi-monthly committee meeting is over dinner and beers in the city. It’s a fun catchup and an excuse to get out for a meal and try a new venue.

While they are four required roles of president, VP, secretary and treasurer (all open for nomination), there are five general committee members positions. There is scope for you to have a dedicated task if you are interested in comms, social media, managing the t-shirts and caps, planning events or competitions and SABSOSA. Anything you dream up.

The committee is a strong group that is mostly going to renominate but also has a turnover. It always needs new blood. Please think about getting involved. We promise it’s a satisfying experience.

Nominations (self or by someone else) are open by email at (by Thursday, July 7) or on the night from the room. Your club needs you.


Gus – pres; Clinton, VP; Lachlan, treasurer; Brendan, secretary and general committee members; Julien, Nick M, Nick H, Leon and Gary. 

Winter competition now open for entries 

The entry portal for the Winter Competition is now open. Log in, or create a new profile if you’ve never entered a club competition before, and enter your beers. 

The theme is dark and stormy so the categories are limited to the darker range of the EBC pallette. 

Judging will be on Sunday, July 10, at the East Torrens Kensington Gardens Tennis Club with bottle drop from 11 and judging to get going from 12pm. Winners will be announced on the day. We welcome everyone to come along for a beer and celebrate the winners. The announcement is expected after 3pm.

As always, we need judges. Drop your beer and stay to judge. If you’ve never judged before, have a go. It’s fun and you’ll learn a lot from other experienced and BJCP-accredited judges. Don’t worry, you’ll be placed at a different table to your beer.

Entry is $5. Entries close on 07/07/2022 at 11pm. Enter and print labels by then.

Is your SABC membership up to date?

Go to

Check your membership by going here and log in, navigate to My Membership and then Member and Manage to see the expiry date. Alternatively, look at Membership/orders to see the most recent payment.

Tips on joining, renewing or checking here.

Meeting this Wednesday

Our monthly meeting is on this Wednesday night from 7pm at the Wheaty. Bring a beer to share and swap. If you would like to present your beer to the meeting and talk a bit about it, bring two or three long necks along.

Thank you to everyone who helped cook, set up and make our BeerBQ event on June 4 a great success. Despite the poor weather, there was around sixty in attendance enjoying more than thirty home brewed beers and awesome low and slow BBQ and smoked salmon.

The Winter competition is still on schedule for Sunday, July 10. We’ll have more info at this week’s meeting and online. We always need judges so make sure you block out that Sunday in your calendar.

Reminder: Extra club meeting tomorrow night for team beer tasting

Don’t forget our extra meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday 24th, at Lady Burra in Topham Mall Adelaide to taste the Brew the Burra team beers.

 The teams will present their beers to the brewer Mark who will taste the creations. Drop by, join in and have dinner and some of the real Lady Burra Brewhouse beers.

The club committee is also going over a few plans for BeerBQ and our winter competition. Members are more than welcome to join us and share their ideas.

BEERBQ – Saturday, June 4

Free member tickets and $25 for guest tickets are now available for BeerBQ. It’s on Saturday, June 4 from 6.30pm. Bring your beer in whatever container you like to share.

There will be slow-cooked BBQ and excellent salads.

The venue is the newly renovated East Torrens Kensington Gardens Tennis Club

Tickets You’ll need to log in to get your tix. 

May meeting, Burra team beers and BeerBQ is GO

This month we’re meeting at the Wheaty. Wednesday 18 from 7pm. Bring a bottle of your beer — good or bad! — to share for anonymous assessment and feedback. A table of members will taste your beer and try to guess the style and give feedback on it. It can be anonymous so bring an unmarked bottle. You can ‘fess up it’s yours too! Add an extra bottle to share in bottle bingo too. New members are welcome to join us.

Brew the Burra team beers. Two months ago, for inspiration, the club formed teams to brew beers emulating Lady Burra Brewhouse beers as a jumping-off point. Also to get brewers together to make some beer as a community catchup while Covid lingered.

At a special extra meeting for all on Tuesday, May 24 from 6.30pm, the teams will present their beers to the brewer Mark who will taste the creations at Lady Burra at a special club meeting.

Drop by, join in and have dinner and some of the real Lady Burra Brewhouse beers.

The club committee is also meeting to knock off a few planning details for the upcoming club event BeerBQ and our winter competition as well as some forward events like Beer & BBQ, brewery visits and more.

Members are more than welcome to join us and bring your ideas to contribute.

BEERBQ – Saturday, June 4

If you missed the news, our club’s premier event BeerBQ is on Saturday, June 4 from 6.30pm . What are you brewing for it? There are no limits on who brings beer, so brew something this weekend! Brew it and bring it! You can serve from kegs with taps, mini-kegs, bottles or growlers. There will be a lot of people to share it with.

Food! We’ll do food too. There’s a plan to slow cook some meats. If you are handy with the BBQ let us know.

The venue is the newly renovated East Torrens Kensington Gardens Tennis Club

Tickets You’ll need to log in to get your tix. Members free. Partners etc, $25.

What are you brewing for SABC’s BeerBQ?

If you missed the news last week, our BeerBQ is back on Saturday, June 4 from 6.30pm in your diaries. Now we need YOUR BEER. There are no limits on who brings beer, so brew something this weekend!

Brew it and bring it! Kegs, mini-kegs, bottles or growlers. There will be a lot of people to share it with.

Food! We’ll do food too. If you are handy with the BBQ or knock up a great salad, let us know.

The venue is the newly renovated East Torrens Kensington Gardens Tennis Club

It’s free for members but RSVP is required and will open soon. Tickets for partners TBC.

Facebook event.

Casual brewery visits on the first Sunday of the month*. Yesterday we visited the brand new Brightstar Brewery in Thebarton and got a bonus tour and Q&A with head brewer Steve. His experience from WA to the USA and Mismatch was worth the visit.

*Next month TBC. Because BeerBQ is the night before we’ll look at the best dates taking into account the long weekend.

Is your SABC membership up to date? Don’t miss out on great homebrewing experiences like this.

Go to Tips on joining, renewing or checking here.

2022 Club Calendar

It’s been a disrupted start to the year. Some of you have asked about getting a 2022 calendar. Now, thanks to Nick, it’s available. Download as a PDF to print and stick on the dunny door. We hope to fit a few more things in, in particular a celebration of SABC’s 10th birthday. Stay tuned.

Also, this month’s meeting will be a cracker. Our guest host will be Briony from Flavour Logic. She is a cicerone and an avid sensory analyst who enjoys sharing how to boost tasting skills and better appreciate what’s in your glass. She works with the food and beverage industry, general consumers and beer lovers of all kinds. RSVP on the Facebook group event please so we know numbers

Winter comp categories, teams brew and a casual catch-up

Now the medals and trophy for the summer comp have been presented, it’s time to look to the club’s winter competition. 

Embrace the dark side, the theme this year is Dark and Stormy. 

Brew your best beer in any of the following categories by Bjcp 2021 style guidelines:

  • 3B Czech Dark Lager
  • 8A Munich Dunkel
  • 8B Schwarzbier
  • 9B Eisbock
  • 9C Baltic Porter
  • 13C English Porter
  • 14A Scottish Light
  • 15B Irish Stout
  • 15C Irish Extra Stout
  • 16A Sweet Stout
  • 16B Oatmeal Stout
  • 16C Tropical Stout
  • 16D Foreign Extra Stout
  • 19C American Brown Ale
  • 20A American Porter
  • 20B American Stout
  • 20C Imperial Stout
  • 21B Speciality IPA: Black IPA/Brown IPA
  • 23C Oud Bruin

Three entries max per person. One per category.

Judging will take place Sunday, 10th July, 2022. Venue TBA

Club competition rules will appear on the competition website. Open to financial members of SABC ONLY (renew or join here).

Teams brew challenge

At last week’s meeting, we announced the first brewing challenge for the year. It’s a simple one – brew the Lady Burra. In short, make a well-balanced beer that would quench the thirst of after-work city drinkers in the style of one of their current core or seasonal beers

We’ll sample (judge) them at the May meeting.

Teams were roughly arranged last year around geography. If you want to get involved in a team’s brew day, drop us a line and tell us where you live and we’ll put you in contact. There are teams – Southern, city, inner northern, hills, western and inner northern suburbs.

Or leave a comment in the Facebook group.

Try to replicate a beer but more simply, get together, enjoy yourselves and make some beer to share.

Casual catch-up, April 3

Brenton Shoemaker won best beer of summer comp a few years ago and now he’s opened his own brewery that’s really got Adelaide beer lovers talking – Kick Back Brewing.

We’ve booked a spot for 12 on April 3 from 2pm. We know in the past we get around that many to a casual catchup and as people come and go we hope we’ll fit. We’ve told them we’re coming so we might get some flexibility. Just turn up and enjoy a beer.

Quick updates – this month’s meeting in the CBD

This month’s meeting is next week, Wednesday, March 16. It will be at Lady Burra Brewhouse in Topham Mall, in the CBD.

We’ll meet from 7pm as usual but the kitchen is open from 6pm if you want to eat before. 

Mark and the team will give us a tour and some insight into how they brew. We’ve also lined up a special ‘teams challenge’.

Last year there was the random supermarket ingredients challenge, this month we’ll kick off another one. This one is much more traditional. 

The idea was brewers joined together in teams to brew. It was generally by geographic location. Don’t worry if you weren’t involved before, we’ll get you into a group. It’s fun and you’ll get to meet some members and learn a few things too.

We’ll also present the medals from last month’s Summer Competition. 

The SABC Winter competition will be held on July 9 or 10. The theme is ‘Dark and Stormy’. More details and categories to come.

Finally, SABSOSA 2022 — or the SA Homebrewing Competition as we’re probably calling it now — the state’s peak open amateur brewing competition, will be held on September 10 and 11.

Other events to look forward to:

Keep Sunday, April 3 in your diaries for a casual club get together at Kick Back Brewing in Aldinga.

A ‘classic’ SABC BeerBQ in July (food and all member’s beers now restrictions have relaxed), a special guest and beer pairing in April and a special celebration for the club’s 10th anniversary later in the year.