July Meeting AGM

As well as judging our Winter Competition at the Wheaty on Wednesday 18th July, we will have our Annual AGM before judging commences. As part of the proceedings, Club members will be able to vote for the incoming ’18/’19 Club Committee.

The SABC Committee is the engine room for the Club’s operations and without which the Club cannot function. Please be aware that all committee positions will be declared vacant before positions are elected and voted. The following positions will be made open for nominations, with a brief description of each:

Club President: Oversees the running of the Club

Vice President: Assists Club President and stands in where the President is unavailable

Secretary: Documentation, communication and administration duties

Treasurer: Oversees all Club finances

Competitions Officer: Club competition coordination and possible SABSOSA committee chief*

IT Officer: Oversees Club website, email and retail store

Social media Officer: Oversees social media, PR and promotion of the Club via online presence

Events Officer: Oversees Club bi-annual events and social gatherings

Sponsorships Officer: Oversees Club sponsorships for competitions and raffle etc

Meeting co-ordinator(NEW ROLE): Co-ordination of meeting administration including glassware, attendance forms, badges etc

Please consider if any of these roles appeal to you. New faces are welcomed and encouraged to help keep the passion and enthusiasm for the Club high. Club committee members meet up roughly quarterly for formal meetings and communicate regularly. Lets keep SABC up there with the best brew clubs in the country, YOUR BREW CLUB NEEDS YOU!

*Pending vote to incorporate SABSOSA and SABC. Details at the AGM.

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