The Mash Tun February 2023

This edition is a little early this month as there are some important dates to save and get those permission slips in! Thanks to Nick McAuley, Nick Hauschild, Josh Smith and Kieren Vercoe for their hard work in arranging these events for you.

Six Twelve Brewery Visit.

**This Sunday 12th of Feb @ 2pm please see and RSVP the facebook event**

Brad and his team have began upgrading their brewery for about a third time including their own kitchen! They are making a big name in the brewing scene having won awards and also venturing into the distilling scene, Five Eleven Distilling. This brewery visit is sure to be great, so get on over from 2pm on Sunday 12th Feb to enjoy some of the great line-up of beers and other drinks these guys have on tap. Brad will be providing a Q&A with members, tour of the brewery, and talk about the journey they made to get where the brewery is now. Nick M.

Summer Competition.

Congratulations to all the winners, the entry standard was well above average with some high scores seen. Best beer of show went to Mark Lehmann with a very impressive Hazy IPA. Lachlan Johnson was only a point away, also with a Hazy IPA. Don’t worry I heard how I cost him a win bahahaha! As always a big thank you to the judges, stewards and organisers that make the competition successful. Mark.

Winning Entries  

Table 1: Lagers (14 entries)

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
 1stChristopher KerrGreener On the Other SideLSX5: New Zealand PilsnerSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
 2ndBrenton GeorgeNz PilsLSX5: New Zealand Pilsner
 3rdGerard FlynnLittle PLSX5: New Zealand PilsnerSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 2: Ales (22 entries)

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
 1stMark LehmannMates In the Trenches21C: Hazy IPASouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
 2ndLachlan JohnsonAnhazc21C: Hazy IPASouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
 3rdNick McAuleyAussie Aussie Aussie35A: NZ/AUS Pale Ale (18B American Pale Ale but must use native ingredients)South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 3: Experimental (6 entries)

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
 1stPaul QuirkAnzac Biscuit Brown Ale34C: Experimental Beer South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
 2ndJosh SmithYou Stink Strawberry, We Want Home Run Homer!34C: Experimental Beer South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
 3rdNicholas HauschildTrans Tasman Gose34C: Experimental Beer South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

February Meeting.

At The Wheaty on the 15th 7.00pm. As communicated this looks to be a cracker please see the pinned event in the fb group. Bring your version of hop water for tasting and as always dont forget a bottle of your best for bottle bingo. Nick M and Josh S.

Union Bridge Brewery Visit.

This is locked in for Saturday 4th of March. Time TBC and there will be a facebook event once it has been decided. Stuie Kirk their head brewer will be on hand to provide a tour and hopefully Q&A (If Josh has told him! Ed.) Expect there maybe a special announcement on the day. Nick M and Josh S.

March Meeting.

As communicated last Mash Tun this will be at Shapeshifter on 15th of March at 7pm. See the event (and RSVP pls!) Nick H.

SA Brew Crew hit the Barossa!

Cancel everything else for Saturday 25th of March, …..We are hiring a bus to tour the breweries. What could go wrong? Greenock Brewers, Western Ridge Brewing, Rehn Bier, Barossa Valley Brewing and Ministry of Beer have all confirmed. Obviously this will be a ticketed event with details to follow when finalised. Nick H and Kieren V.

Australian Amatuer Brewing Competition 2023.

It has been confirm this will be held in Adelaide later this year. Now we need judges, lots of judges! Even if you (or your partner) haven’t judged before it isn’t as intimidating as you may think with the head judge of the table there to guide you. State competition and Winter Competition are fantastic opportunities to practice and get involved in the process before the big one! Mark.

New Calendar.

As below lots of Beery good events coming up. Hop on them!

The Mash Tun January 2023

Summer Competition.

Judging will take place from 12pm on Sunday 29th of January at ETKG Tennis Club Kensington Gardens. We need judges please register on the portal. Portal entries close on the 27th and drop off at Beerbelly Pooraka by Friday 27th January or at the judging venue by 11am Sunday 29th January.

Due to Paypal issues this competition will be free to enter. Anyone who has paid already will be processed a refund, please allow the hardworking Julian / Lachlan time to do so. Mark.

Mead Workshop.

14th of January, Raf lead a group of enthusiastic “Meaders” for the inaugural workshop. It seems the warm day was enjoyed by all and there will be a few more entries in the Mead section this year. Keep posted for announcement of a second day. Mark.

Treasurer Report.

“I can report the Treasurer is having a great weekend” Lachlan.

Free Stainless!

Well Jade has done it again, this time it’s the stainless steel type of help. Kegs free to us, make them into 2or 3v systems, make fermenters, hell make furniture. Just 2 things, they need to be depressurised (carefully!!) and we need to coordinate a pick up day prior to the feb meeting. Please signify your interest to Gary ASAP. Gary Mr President.

Fleurieu Beer Festival.

So who ever thought combining an international bike race and with a beer festival in a historic village would work, they were right. Well the beer was cold, the weather was sunny, and most importantly there was a Home Brew Competition , congratulations to Nick Hauschild for coming third. It was fantastic to be involved, and thanks to Nick and BJ for helping get the home brew competition off the ground. As a very direct result of the competition and festival, breweries like Shifty, Kick back, Beer No Evil and yet to be opened Penny Red are very interested in being involved with the club, so watch this spot. Gary.

Your Feedback Wanted!

Last week’s Jan Meeting: event planning for the first part of the year got underway, as part of sharing what was raised we’ll post a calendar shortly with ideas and planning events – we’re really looking for input from you, so you can get the most out of the club with great like minded folk. Please contact Nick McAuley with your ideas. Nick M.

February Meeting.

This will be held at The Wheaty on 15th February at 7.00pm. Let’s see if ppl can brew a hop water, bring it to the Feb meeting for sharing and tasting. Obviously hop water is a pretty loose ‘brew’, but some club members have already seen it as a good way to test out hops in small batches to compare for example Cascade to Nectaron, Eclipse to Topaz before brewing a beer. Josh Smith will be doing a short presentation on his process and will bring some samples to try. Nick M / Mark

March Meeting.

This is locked in for ShapeShifter on 15th March at 7.00pm. ShapeShifter will need RSVP numbers for this one so please do so in the event approximately a week before the meeting. A group challenge will be announced so get your captains ready and a representative there on the night! Nick H.

Jan Meeting / Summer Comp

Happy New Year all! The first monthly meeting of 2023 is this Wednesday in the usual location out back at the wheaty. This month’s agenda is a little different, the committee is seeking input from all club members on what you would like to see at the club over the next 12 months. Bring you ideas for meeting topics, events, competitions, club projects etc. Bring a bottle for bottle bingo.

Summer Comp

The portal for the Summer Comp is open – – so go ahead and add your entries. Note: at the time of writing there is an issue with PayPal payments which we are looking into. You can still add entries, just check back later to make payment.

WE NEED JUDGES….! If you can help, we need you to log into the portal to register to judge.

Sunday 29th Jan. Judging starts at midday.
Enter by Friday 27th January on the portal.

East Torrens Kensington Gardens tennis club

Beerbelly Pooraka by 5pm Friday 27th January

The January meeting at The Wheaty on Wednesday 19th January (from 7pm)

At the judging venue by 11am Sunday 29th January

1A – American (Australian) Light Lager
1B – American (Australian) Lager
18A – Blonde Ale
12B – Australian Sparkling ale
X5 – New Zealand Pilsner
18B – NZ/AUS Pale Ale (American Pale Ale but must use native ingredients)
21A – NZ/ AUS IPA (American IPA but must use native ingredients)
21C – Hazy IPA
34C – Experimental Beer (for all other creations. Get creative with native AUS/NZ ingredients).

This is a club member competition only for financial members of SABC

December meeting / Worth the Wai-iti

This Wednesday we have our traditional casual xmas drinks and pizza meet at the Wheaty. We’ll be in the smaller room at the big kitchen table to make way for a function out the back. Be sure to bring along your Secret Santa homebrew wrapped up for a bottle swap on the night.

For those who weren’t at the 10 year dinner, this will be your opportunity to try the collaboration beer brew between SABC, SABSOSA and the Wheaty! Introducing the BIG Imperial Pils: Worth the Wai-iti

Spot the typo 🙂

I’ll leave it to Jade to provide one of her signature detailed beer descriptors on the night. If you can’t make it Wed don’t worry as this has made it’s way into 500ml cans for takeaways as well!

I personally won’t make it Wed so let me take the opportunity to say 2022 has been a fantastic year for the club with numerous competitions, events and team challenges. It’s the homebrew that brings us together, but it’s the mateship that keeps everyone coming back! If you feel like having a brew day or catching up for a beer over the holiday break, why not put up a post in the Facebook group and invite some fellow members along. See you in 2023!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wow, that was an epic night last weekend celebrating 10 year of SABC! It was so great to see members who have been around since day one together with new additions attending their first major event. We had award ceromonies, speeches, prizes prizes prizes, and a silent auction for the SS fermenter which went to new member Jordan at the end of the night.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped pull the night together, to brewers who provided the beer, to Blake and Brad for talking about the club history, to all the attendees who came along and to anyone who helped pack down at the end of the night.

And lets not forget this guy, who finally received the award he so deserves.

Lifetime membership recipient and AV guy who poses in front of the projector light, Jules!

The 10 year dinner also saw the 2022 Brewer Of The Year awarded to <drum roll> Mark Woods! In an extremely tight contest Mark Woods clipped Mark Perry by a single point to take top honours. This is off the back of Mark taking out Champion Brewer at AABC, so clearly we have a true master brewer in our ranks and we look forward to many more great beers in 2023. Congrats mate!

BOTY Mark Woods practicing his new stand up show

There’s some more photos of the event available here – – upload your own if you have any!

Epic Prize + Last chance tickets

There’s just over 2 weeks to go until we get together to celebrate 10 years of SABC! A 3 course dinner will be fully catered by the Golden Roast, and we need to confirm numbers ahead of time. Ticket sales will close this weekend, so this is your final reminder! If you havn’t purchased one – head to the shop now or miss out!

Another huge prize!

If the kegerator wasn’t a big enough prize to get you attention, we have another. The SABC crew who travelled to ANHC went all out for club night, and their rainbows and unicrorns costume was voted best scoring the club this epic 14 gallon Brew Bucket from SS Brewtech!

The actual vessel in all it’s glory. ANHC can for size. It may or may not have specs of glitter on it 🙂

If you want to win this prize, you have to be there on the night.

More Beer!

Announcing another beer brewed especially for the night, Craig Blesing has put together a Vienna Session IPA. Described as an “easy drinking IPA for the craft and non craft drinkers”, this beer has been double hopped with Strata, Idaho 7 and mosaic (3 of my personal favs!).

Craig has graciously donated this keg for the event, despite being unable to make it on the night. He is absolutely flat out fitting out his church in Laura to become the new Little Blesing’s Brewery. We look forward to it’s opening and hope to arrange a special event there for club members. Thanks Craig!

Meeting with BeerCo / Brewing with Pirate Life

November Meeting – Wed 16th

Coming up this week we have the November monthly meeting at the Wheaty featuring Dermott from BeerCo. Several months back Dermott shipped over several recipe kits, each containing new hop varieties and a special ingredient. The club split off into the now familiar N/E/S/W/Hills teams, each running a group brewdays to find interesting and creative ways to utilise the special ingredients. Now Dermott is in town to join us in tasting each one and see which team has come up with the best brew! A big shoutout to Dermott for his continued support of the club. Be sure to check out for all he has to offer.

Pirate Life Brewday – Sat 19th

Hot on the heels of Wednesdays meeting we have the Barrel Project Brew Day at Pirate Life! Club members will have the opportunity to spend the day brewing a collaboration brew at Pirate Life’s Skycity brewery, working along side their pro-brewers and getting some real world experience in what it’s like to brew commercially. The brew will be barrel aged before being bottled and sold commercially! Club members will even receive a free bottle before the public does!

If you haven’t already done so – ensure you are a financial member, join the event via the members only Facebook group, and complete the required induction prior to arrival on the day.

10th Anniversary Dinner – Sat 10th Dec

Stay tuned for another Anniversary beer drop next week. If you havn’t alrady, purchase your member/guest tickets from the shop now!

Countdown continues

The count down to the anniversary dinner continues. Here’s another beer and prize drop.

Kieren’s Gose(s)

Kieren doesn’t need much of an introduction. An SABC member since day 1, a previous committee member for both club and ANHC, Brewer Of The Year Winner and the inaugural winner of the The Mike Leupold Award for Champion Brewer of SA. Kieren has brewed them all and won them all. Perhaps that’s why the beers he turns out these days are frequently in ususual colours, may or may not contain glitter, and are just generally a little out there.

Enter the black and white goses. Why is one black? We don’t know. Why is there two? Because two is better then one. What would happen if you mixed them together to make a black and tan? You’ll have to give it a go and find out. We think it’s better to leave a little mystery around this one, because you just can’t anticipate what this guy is going to brew next. .

Prize Prizes Prizes!

Last week I mentioned there would be some HUGE prizes, and its time to let the first one drop. Its a Series X KEGERATOR! Big big thank you goes to Kieren for this as well! He picked it up in a raffle at the recent ANHC Club night, and has kindly donated it to the club to give away. The only way you can get your hands on this is to be there on the night, so click here to purchase a ticket for yourself and guest(s) if you would like to bring one.

Note: 3 tap model shown – the prize is a 2 tap.

Anniversary Dinner Countdown

There’s 6 weeks to go until the clubs 10 year anniversary dinner on Saturday Dec 10th. Each newsletter between now and then we’ll release information about the great beers we have on the line up for the night as well as the HUGE prizes that will be exclusively available for attendees.

Wolf’s Pils

Anyone who attended the SABC BeerBQ back in 2018 will remember Wolfgang’s sensational German Pils which won best beer by the popular vote of 80 attendees. This stood out as a huge achievement given the popularity of bigger flavour bombs like hazy’s and imperial stouts amongst homebrewers. Wolf has been a stalwart of clean crisp lager brewing since then winning best beer at the 2020 Winter competition with a Dunkles Bock.

Wolf describes his beer for the anniversary dinner as a “German Pils with a Bohemian twist“. He attributes this to the location of his hometown. “Growing up in Germany just 20 km from the Czech border has most likely influenced my flavour“.

This will be the perfect first beer to fill the SABC commemorative glass you will receive on arrival. Yes, it’s a pilsner glass!

Grab your tickets from the SABC shop now!

Actual footage of the line up for Wolf’s Pils at the 2018 BeerBQ

10th Anniversary Tickets

10th Anniversary tickets

Tickets for the 10th Anniversary dinner are now on sale in the shop. The anniversary dinner is an opportunity to come together and celebrate 10 successful years of the SA Brewing Club. The night will include guest speakers, an awards presentation for AABC winners, a special collaboration beer brewed with the Wheaty, raffles, prizes and more. Tickets include a 3 course buffet dinner and commemorative glass.

Date: Saturday December 10th
Time: Doors Open 5PM. Last Drinks 10PM
Location: Lavtian Hall. 4 Clark St, Wayville

Members are $30 and Guests are $50 (guest tickets can only be purchased by a member)

Head to the shop to secure your ticket!

AABC + ANHC wrap

Well that was massive few days in Melbourne for the National competition and conference! The traveling party is still recovering so I’ll keep this update short and provide a full report in the near future.

SABC had another great showing at AABC picking up ~10 trophies. (I honestly lost count!) A big congratulations go to Kam Simsek/Mark Woods for winning Champion Brewer/s!

Mark Woods putting the champion brewers trophy straight to work at the awards presentation.

SA did fantastic at an overall state level earning equal points with Victoria, but ultimately coming 2nd on count back. A huge achievement considering Vic had home ground advantage!

SABC also picked up yet another win at club night. This year it was best costume for our outrageous rainbows and unicorns theme. Check out the SABC Facebook group for some amusing photos!

October Newsletter

Hi Members,

Plenty is happening with your club with some updates below. There are more projects in planning with details to be released at a later date. As always we are open for feed back and/ or ideas via or simply approach one of the committee members. Cheers N Beers.

October Meeting.

NOTE this months meeting, Wednesday 19th, will be held at Shapeshifter Brewery 2/54 Crittenden Rd, Findon SA 5023. Carla will be presenting a talk about IPA/hops. Please RSVP to the facebook event so we can advise Shapeshifter of numbers. Those not on Facebook can email

Australian National Homebrew Conference.

This will be held 14th – 15th October in Melbourne and tickets are still available. We will be representing the club in an “unique” way on Saturday club night. There is an active messenger group for information – contact Mark Woods on FB or at if you wish to be involved in the shenanigans.


All SABSOSA final placings and scoring will be posted soon. Australian Amateur Brewing Championship awards will be presented at Deeds Brewery on Thursday night 13th October. Good luck to all those that made it in to the National competition, word is the entries were shipped with much care and have arrived for judging.

Barrel Project.

Luke Dat Beard has pulled a rabbit out of the hat for this one! Pirate Life will supply the Skycity brewery, pro-brewers for questions, ingredients and will ferment on site.
All financial members of the club will be welcome to join Pirate Life for a brew day to brew the beer. The beer will be branded SABC + Pirate Life ,pro labeled and bottled. A bottle will be provided to each paid member of the club and then will be for sale at Pirate Life. Save Saturday 19th of November for this awesome day. RSVP is a must for this event for venue capacity reasons see Facebook event or if you must email at

Teams Challenge and November Meeting.

Most areas have had their brew days and the results will be interesting indeed. Dermott from BeerCo will attend our meeting on the 16th of November at The Wheaty. Captains of the teams please bring enough of the challenge beer to share with all meeting attendees. Dermott has been very generous for an interstate club so please support him where you can.

Summer Club Competition.

Trans-Tasman Summer Comp. The closing date is 27th Jan and judging on Sunday 29th Jan. Theme is Trans-Tasman and so all the ingredients where possible need to be from either Australia or New Zealand. The categories are listed below, and there is an experimental category for anything special you want to try.

CATEGORIES 1A – American (Australian) Light Lager
1B – American (Australian) Lager
18A – Blonde Ale
12B – Australian Sparkling ale
X5 – New Zealand Pilsner
18B – NZ/AUS Pale Ale (American Pale Ale but must use native ingredients)
21A – NZ/ AUS IPA (American IPA but must use native ingredients)
21C – Hazy IPA
34C – Experimental Beer (for all other creations. Get creative with native AUS/NZ ingredients). 

Bluestone Yeast Pre-order.
Beerbelly regularly support our club through sponsorship and are willing to bring in a shipment of Bluestone yeast, allowing us to try this Australian liquid yeast without worrying about shipping conditions and costs. Just in time for the summer comp! This is a company in Victoria that provide quality liquid yeast that has been used in commercial breweries, such as the Wheaty, who have been impressed by the quality of the fermentations and the viability of this liquid yeast coming from interstate rather than internationally like Whitelabs or Wyeast. If you would like to pre-order any of their strains, please contact Nick at who will collate a list. Please get in touch by 7th October if you’re interested. For a list of the strains available please see:

10yr Anniversary Dinner.

As communicated the date is set for Saturday the 10th of December. Plenty happening in the background with lots more details to come as confirmed.