On, off, on, off, on… hills tour is back on and December meeting

SABC postponed Hills bus brewery tour rescheduled for January 16.

Not only was our BeerBQ cancelled twice, but we also had to cancel our brewery tour way back in March. We’ve got it locked in for January 16 (and holding our breath!). The tour isn’t the same epic voyage we had planned because of venue availability but we think we’ve just got to do it and move on. 

The proposed schedule is:

10:00 Wheaty
11:00 Uraidla Hotel (Café + brewery viewing)
11:30 Uraidla Hotel (Bar opens)
13:30 Depart
13:45 Left Barrel (Brewery + lunch)
17:00 Depart
17:45 Drop off Little Bang
18:00 Drop off Wheaty

Everyone who signed up and paid in March all have valid tickets. If the new date doesn’t suit, we’ll refund you. When the new numbers are established we’ll offer more tickets. It’s a 23 seat bus. Of course, everyone can join us at the venues by their own transport or carpool. 

Please watch for more info and let us know ASAP if you cannot use your ticket.

December Christmas meeting

We’re at the Wheaty for our usual Christmas meeting on Wednesday 16 from 7pm.

We’ll put on some pizzas. As is tradition, please bring a bottle of homebrew for secret Santa swapping. Wrap it fancy and pretty or we’ll wrap it in a brown paper bag.

Summer competition

If you missed the news, the Summer Competition was announced a couple of weeks ago. All the details are here

The focus is low ABV or Hazy beers (or both together). 

Judging will be on February 17 at the monthly meeting at the Wheaty at 7pm. Bring your entries on the day or drop off locations will be published later. 

Strictly two entries per brewer in a glass or plastic bottle equal or greater than 500ml. $5 per entry for paid club members only. Online entry will close Friday 12th February.

January meeting

January 20 club meeting – we are going to Suburban Brews new taproom at 96 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood. It’s a great opportunity to support Tony and his team as we’ve done all along their journey.

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