April meeting wrap up

TAFE Collab

The April meeting saw the tasting of 4 ESB recipes to see which was the club favourite to scale up for the collab with TAFE. The lads from down south received the most votes with their ESB brewed using Verdant yeast, however the Nomads version was a close second and had a slightly more inviting color. Mark from TAFE will now work with both recipes to come up with the final. The brew day will be in early May with a limited number of spots open for brewers. Stay tuned for more details.

May meeting cancelled

Due to a clash with the annual Pint Of Science event at the wheaty, we have opted to cancel the May meeting instead of re-scheduling. The Wheaty is offering a free beer to SABC members who attend Pint of Science on the Wed 15th ($8 tickets – see https://pintofscience.com.au/event/savouring-the-sip-unveiling-wines-secret-flavours-and-the-vibrant-future-of-agave for details). Please email info@sabrew.com when you have purchased a ticket to be placed on the free beer list.

BeerBQ June 1st

A reminder that the BeerBQ will be held Saturday June 1st so theres less then 6 weeks to get your beers down. Registration will open in a couple of weeks.

If you can help out by making a salad or slow cooking some meats, please email info@sabrew.com. All ingredients etc will be re-imbursed.

Little Blessings Brewing Visit

August 3rd has been suggested as a weekend to head up to Laura and visit the recently opened Little Blessings Brewing – yet another SABC member going pro. The is a BYO – book your own – adventure in terms of travel and accomodation. With many members heading up at the same time there should be numerous car pooling options.

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