Winter comp categories, teams brew and a casual catch-up

Now the medals and trophy for the summer comp have been presented, it’s time to look to the club’s winter competition. 

Embrace the dark side, the theme this year is Dark and Stormy. 

Brew your best beer in any of the following categories by Bjcp 2021 style guidelines:

  • 3B Czech Dark Lager
  • 8A Munich Dunkel
  • 8B Schwarzbier
  • 9B Eisbock
  • 9C Baltic Porter
  • 13C English Porter
  • 14A Scottish Light
  • 15B Irish Stout
  • 15C Irish Extra Stout
  • 16A Sweet Stout
  • 16B Oatmeal Stout
  • 16C Tropical Stout
  • 16D Foreign Extra Stout
  • 19C American Brown Ale
  • 20A American Porter
  • 20B American Stout
  • 20C Imperial Stout
  • 21B Speciality IPA: Black IPA/Brown IPA
  • 23C Oud Bruin

Three entries max per person. One per category.

Judging will take place Sunday, 10th July, 2022. Venue TBA

Club competition rules will appear on the competition website. Open to financial members of SABC ONLY (renew or join here).

Teams brew challenge

At last week’s meeting, we announced the first brewing challenge for the year. It’s a simple one – brew the Lady Burra. In short, make a well-balanced beer that would quench the thirst of after-work city drinkers in the style of one of their current core or seasonal beers

We’ll sample (judge) them at the May meeting.

Teams were roughly arranged last year around geography. If you want to get involved in a team’s brew day, drop us a line and tell us where you live and we’ll put you in contact. There are teams – Southern, city, inner northern, hills, western and inner northern suburbs.

Or leave a comment in the Facebook group.

Try to replicate a beer but more simply, get together, enjoy yourselves and make some beer to share.

Casual catch-up, April 3

Brenton Shoemaker won best beer of summer comp a few years ago and now he’s opened his own brewery that’s really got Adelaide beer lovers talking – Kick Back Brewing.

We’ve booked a spot for 12 on April 3 from 2pm. We know in the past we get around that many to a casual catchup and as people come and go we hope we’ll fit. We’ve told them we’re coming so we might get some flexibility. Just turn up and enjoy a beer.

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