Meeting with BeerCo / Brewing with Pirate Life

November Meeting – Wed 16th

Coming up this week we have the November monthly meeting at the Wheaty featuring Dermott from BeerCo. Several months back Dermott shipped over several recipe kits, each containing new hop varieties and a special ingredient. The club split off into the now familiar N/E/S/W/Hills teams, each running a group brewdays to find interesting and creative ways to utilise the special ingredients. Now Dermott is in town to join us in tasting each one and see which team has come up with the best brew! A big shoutout to Dermott for his continued support of the club. Be sure to check out for all he has to offer.

Pirate Life Brewday – Sat 19th

Hot on the heels of Wednesdays meeting we have the Barrel Project Brew Day at Pirate Life! Club members will have the opportunity to spend the day brewing a collaboration brew at Pirate Life’s Skycity brewery, working along side their pro-brewers and getting some real world experience in what it’s like to brew commercially. The brew will be barrel aged before being bottled and sold commercially! Club members will even receive a free bottle before the public does!

If you haven’t already done so – ensure you are a financial member, join the event via the members only Facebook group, and complete the required induction prior to arrival on the day.

10th Anniversary Dinner – Sat 10th Dec

Stay tuned for another Anniversary beer drop next week. If you havn’t alrady, purchase your member/guest tickets from the shop now!

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