Lock it in – BeerBQ March 14

The committee locked in a stack of dates and events for 2021 and they’re in our website calendar and printable calendar poster here (v1.2_

First event! We are not going to promise it will happen but we are strongly confident that this time, we will have our thrice postponed BeerBQ Summer Lite.

Lock in Sunday, March 14 from 1 pm – 5 pm at the Prospect Petanque Club, 14 – 32 Buchanan Street, Nailsworth. It’s a fantastic little place under shady trees in the middle of a park between Main North Rd and Galway Ave.

If you’re new to the event, it’s simple. We put on the food and you bring your beer in kegs with serving equipment or in bottles. It’s a great opportunity to meet other brewers and try lots of homebrews.

But that’ not all! Lock in Saturday, May 1 for BeerBQ ‘full winter version’ on our regular scheduled date too.

February club meeting/ Summer comp judging

At our meeting on Wednesday, Feb 17 at the Wheaty we’ll judge the summer competition. To get it underway we’ll be there from 6 and hope to start judging by 7.30.

The entry portal is open on the Competitions page. $5 per entry, max per person. New registration required.

Prizes are vouchers $100, $30 $20 for BJCP low alcohol categories and $50, $30, $20 for the interpretation of hazy beers.

There is no drop off location. You need to bring your beer to The Wheatsheaf from 6pm. Read the other instructions in the entry portal.

Winter Competition

Heads up for keen readers. All things lager is the theme. Judged on July 17.

Support food trucks at The Wheatsheaf

For some unknown and crazy reason, the City of Charles Sturt is banning The Wheaty from having food trucks. If you’ve ever eaten there (or even not), please sign the petition at the pub. Better still, put your feelings in an email and send it to the councillors. 

The Wheatsheaf has a template of an email to start you off. 

Dear Mayor Coxon and Councilors,

(explain who you are)

I request that the Council amend the ‘City of West Torrens Council Policy – Mobile food vendors’ to allow food trucks to continue to operate at The Wheatsheaf Hotel into the future, as they have done for the past 8 years.

(any other thoughts about the benefits of food trucks in our community and specifically at The Wheaty)

Yours faithfully,


mayorcoxon@wtcc.sa.gov.au, jwood@wtcc.sa.gov.au,

kmckay@wtcc.sa.gov.au, amckay@wtcc.sa.gov.au, stsiaparis@wtcc.sa.gov.au, epapanikolaou@wtcc.sa.gov.au, gvlahos@wtcc.sa.gov.au, jwoodward@wtcc.sa.gov.au, dwilton@wtcc.sa.gov.au, dhuggett@wtcc.sa.gov.au, spal@wtcc.sa.gov.au

breynolds@wtcc.sa.gov.au, corielley@wtcc.sa.gov.au

Our two Thebarton Ward Councilors, Graham Nitschke and Dominic Mugavin, have been fully supportive of us and our trucks from the beginning, and have been working hard to help us get this change through Council. Feel free to give them a hoy to let them know we appreciate their hard work on behalf of their constituents!



Membership reminder

You can renew your membership online easily yourself. If it has lapsed or about to lapse, you won’t be able to RSVP to events. https://sabrew.com/join-sabc/

Forward dates Calendar

March 14 – BeerBQ

March 17 No meeting. Casual meet at Sparkke Whitmore Square

April 21 – BJCP explained

May 1 – BeerBQ

May 19 – Tasting night (Belgian Barrel Beer)

June 16 – Brewing Zero ABV beer at Pirate Life

July 17 – Winter comp

July 21 – Meeting AGM

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