Winter Competition Results

The Winter Competition has been run and won, with a good number of members turning out to try their hand at judging.  The total number of entries across the four categories was 43, and the quality of beer entered was on the whole very high.  Here’s how it panned out:

Pale Ales:

  1. Brendan Hennessy – British Golden Ale
  2. Brendan Hennessy – Australian Sparkling Ale
  3. Clint Fisher – Pale American Ale


India Pale Ales:

  1. Kieren Vercoe – IPA
  2. Gary Waters – English IPA
  3. Tony Dichiera – IPA


Strong Ales:

  1. Simon Rofe – Scottish Heavy
  2. Lachlan Johnson – Scottish Heavy
  3. Kieren Vercoe – Strong British Ale



  1. Greg Wieder – Irish Stout (Tied on total points, and awarded on count back)
  2. Brendan Hennessy – Irish Extra Stout
  3. Brendan Hennessy – Irish Stout

Clearly, the floor was well and truly mopped by Brendan, who also took the Beer of Show prize. He has earned himself a brew day at Little Bang Brewing, where no doubt he’ll be doing some more floor mopping…

A huge thanks to our sponsors for coming up with some great prizes for this competition.  Grain and hops were provided by Beerbelly, grain by Country Brewer at Kilburn, gift vouchers by Country Brewer at Clovelly Park, and of course the brew day from Little Bang will no doubt be a hoot, knowing Ryan and Fil.  Thanks also to Ryan for coming along and judging the Beer of Show for us.

Score sheets will be scanned and emailed in the coming weeks, and the Brewer of the Year leaderboard should be updated in the next couple of days.



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