Winter Competition Score Sheets

After some technical issues, we’re happy to report that the score sheets for the winter comp are now available on the Compmaster website. Please let us know if you have any difficulties accessing them.

For those that entered the stout category, please note that the aggregate scores for that category have been calculated differently to the other categories due to a glitch.  The scores have all been checked manually and the placings (and indeed the scores within the category relative to each other) are consistent.  If you add the scores you got from the three judges, you will get a higher figure that the aggregate score on the website.  If you then divide by 4 and multiply by 3, you should get a matching figure.  This has happened because when entering the judge details, we ended up with a phantom fourth judge in the stouts category, which couldn’t be deleted.  The spreadsheet then expected four sheets per entry and calculated the totals as such.  If you are unsure about this or require further explanation, please get in touch.

We have certainly learned a few things from our first attempt using Compmaster, but on the whole it was a positive experience.  The site is under constant development, and we now have a good idea of what to look out for, so the next competition should be smoother.  If you have any specific feedback, please let us know.

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