Collab club brew day on Sunday

Club brew day

REGISTER HERE to brew, join a brew team or just come along watch.

You probably know by now that we are brewing together on five or six club member’s systems. We’ve done it before. Bring your kit and brew together, join a team, make what you want. Maybe share ingredients costs. Make a double batch. Whatever you want. Strike water and chilling available. May the best system … win?

We need you to register so we can cater.

Pizza lunch provided by our hosts and the club. Places for brewing set-ups are limited but if your kit is mobile and you can brew, let us know in the registration. If you want to join in, either join as a team together or we’ll sort you out. 

We’ll taste the results in a meeting in the future.

Summer comp update – expanded field

Our summer comp is being judged on March 21 at The Gilbert St Hotel and as you all know, the focus is Belgian beers. We’ve been looking for a way of raising some money for bushfire appeals and we’ve decided to open up the categories to a broader range. We’ve set entries at $7 per entry but it’s all going to a great cause.

So watch out for the portal opening soon and what categories will be available. We are aiming to keep it simple and all categories won’t be available. This is mostly due to time and availability of judges but it also gives anyone who wants to give judging a go a start.

Best of show will still be a Belgian beer.

So if you’ve got a lager, pils, pale, IPA, stout, porter, amber laying around after Christmas, don’t drink it just yet. 500ml+ preferred but we will accept 2x330ml in this case.

Fresh hop testing

This offer came from Silver Spring Hop and Permaculture Farm in the Adelaide Hills to brew with their fresh hops:

We are very very close to harvest now on the hops farm and we do not have time to test our hops myself this year. So we’re looking for a couple of competent all gain brewers in SA to test the hops for us.

We need simple ales made with 100 per cent of our hops. Now since the brewer is doing most of the hard work we’re happy to give away 250g of fresh off the oast dried flowers.

We will require 2 litres to make sure the hops are at the quality we expect before I put them up for sale. You get free hops for the brew minus 2L of the final beer.

The club would also love to try some of the beer too at a meeting in the future.

Testing will be as required as we pick. First pick will be Cascade 10%AA. Second pick will be Dr Rudi 12%AA. Third pick Chinook 10%AA. Fourth pick Centennial 9%AA. Fourth pick Columbus 9%AA. Fifth Pick Target 9%AA. All are super fruity so suit ales. We have cohumulone numbers etc too.

Contact Stuart at:

Little Bangs in Mad March

This Wednesday we’re meeting at Little Bang Brewing Co. 25 Henry Street Stepney at the special ‘Fringe Event’ time of 6pm – 8pm. Like The Wheaty, LBBC is also a Fringe venue hosting comedy, so while you’re welcome to stay longer, we’ll shift our formalities to an earlier window. It’s tough to find places to meet in Mad March.

Our guest is Tony from The Suburban Brew who will take us through how as a gypsy brewer he uses Little Bang’s brewery to brew his range. Plus beers from the brewery and meals are also available.

Club brew day

At the meeting, we’ll also provide more info about the club brew day on Sunday, March 1. If you haven’t heard, we are brewing together but on five or six systems. We’ve done it before. Bring your kit and brew together, join a team, make what you want. Maybe share ingredients costs. Make a double batch. Whatever you want. Strike water and chilling available. May the best system … win? 

Pizza lunch provided by our hosts and the club. Places for brewing set-ups are limited but if your kit is mobile and you can brew, let us know in the registration. If you want to join in, either join as a team together or we’ll sort you out. 

REGISTER HERE to brew or just come along and join in. 

We’ll taste the results in a meeting in the future.


When your membership is due, you will receive an email two weeks out. Please check your spam folders and add as a contact/safe email. You can also check your membership online at

Summer comp – venue locked in 

We’ll judge the ‘all things Belgian’ summer comp on March 21 at The Gilbert Street Hotel from 12pm. Entry portal opens soon. Bottle drop a the March meeting, on the day or at BeerBelly.

We always need judges and helpers. Come along to help or just for the winners’ presentation from around 3pm and stay for some nibbles and a beer. It’s really great The Gilbert are allowing us to use their function room

Opportunity to test ingredients

We got a message from Robert. “Hi there, I’ve started producing a biodynamic organic barley malt (green atm – Westminster) and was wondering whether there might be someone that could test the malt during a brew and provide feedback on it? I can supply 10kg of malt to test.”

If you’re interested, contact Robert with your idea of what to brew at We’d like to taste the results as well.

ANHC / Club Night reminder

We want as many members as possible to come to the Aust. National Homebrew Conference in October. Put Oct 9-10 in your diaries now and scout out plane fares. Also, think about a good theme for the club to have at club night (playing dress-ups) and what to brew. 


We shared this last time, you can save the club calendar and print it out for the fridge or dunny door as a JPG or a PDF. It prints up to A3. We’ve also updated the online calendar page on the site. you can add to your own calendar:

The 2020 club calendar

2020 Club Calendar. To help everyone know what’s going on with the club, we’ve worked out all the dates of things we know in now and put them all in one handy printable or savable as an image for you to plan things now. We’ve also included the themes of meetings where we can. Some dates might change so always read club communications in emails, on the website and Facebook.

You can save the image below as a JPG or a PDF. It prints up to A3. We’ve also updated the online calendar page on the site. you can add to your own calendar:

Print it for your fridge, office wall or toilet door. Save the picture to your phone’s wallpaper!.

This month’s meeting on February 19 is at Little Bang. It’s Fringe time which means venues are busy with shows. We’ll be starting a bit earlier, 6-6.30pm and we will be getting an insight into using the brewery by a ‘gypsy brewer’. More to come.

Details about the summer competition were in a previous post here. It will be judged on March 21. The entry portal will open a couple of weeks before.

Summer competition details

This is a quick note to give some details about the club’s annual summer competition will be judged on Saturday. March 21. The theme is Belgian. We know not everyone loves the style, but not everyone loves IPAs either. If you’ve never brewed a Belgian beer before, have a go, even if it’s just a mini-batch. They make great swap beers if you don’t love yours.

Styles are by BJCP 2015 CategoriesIf you add a particular adjunct like fruits, indicate that in your entry. So you can make a Belgian Strong with raspberries if you want.

Venue: TBC (Either the Irish Club, The Wheaty or The King’s Head).
Entries: $5
Help: Yes please. We need judges and stewards.
Winners: announced and awards as soon as judging is complete.
A Facebook event will be up soon for info and RSVPs.

  • 24A. Witbier
  • 24B. Belgian Pale Ale
  • 24C. Biere de Garde
  • 25 Strong Belgian Ale
  • 25A. Belgian Blond Ale
  • 25B. Saison
  • 25C. Belgian Golden Strong Ale
  • 26A. Trappist Single
  • 26B. Belgian Dubbel
  • 26C. Belgian Tripel
  • 26D. Belgian Dark Strong Ale
  • and
  • 21B. Specialty IPA
  • Specialty IPA: Belgian IPA

May the best Belgian win.

Forward dates:

The February meeting is Wednesday, Feb 19 and will be at Little Bang Brewing, Henry St Stepney. The kitchen is open for dinner. We hope to get a tour and a bit of insider knowledge from a gypsy brewer who uses the brewery.

February 19: Club meeting at Little Bang.
March 18: Club meeting (Wheaty) Off flavours using sensory kits.
March 21: Summer competition judging (venue TBC)
April 15: Club meeting (Wheaty) Member beer tasting and assessment
May 20: Club meeting (Wheaty)
June 17: Club meeting (Wheaty) TBC Barrel aging beers.

Kicking off 2020

Happy new year!.

We kick off 2020 with our regular monthly meeting this Wednesday at the Wheaty from 7pm (yes, it’s the third Wednesday of the month already). Traditionally we’ve met at Little Bang in January but because of the Wheaty’s availability during Fringe, we’ll go to LBB next month.

This week, apart from a catch-up and beer, we’ve got some hop sensory kits to use courtesy of Wally who donated them. This isn’t the off flavours identification session we were planning before Christmas. We know there is a lot of interest in that so we’ll do that in March. This is a way of experiencing the different aromas hops can produce — earthy, piney, floral, tropical etc…

With the devastation of the current bushfires, we as a club would like to contribute something in the way of a donation. We have some ideas but we’d like to hear any you have as well. Ideally, a donation of around $2000 is our goal. It could be we sell something, we donate all entry fees from Summer Comp — all ideas welcome.

Summer competition:
The summer competition will be judged on Saturday, March 21. The entry portal will be open in early March and entries can be dropped at the March meeting, BeerBelly and on the day by 12.15.

The theme is Belgian — more specifics to come.

Hot day, hot pizza and cold beers

It’s the end of another year, and we’re going to wrap up with a super casual get together at The Wheaty this Wednesday night from 7pm. Nothing says Christmas like beer and pizza and a hot day right? Hey, at least you’re not cooking and you get to hang out with rad peeps — win-win! it’ll be a hot day too. Our meeting last month was also on a 42C day and the back room at the Wheaty was surprisingly cool.


 Please bring a bottle of your homebrew beer for Secret Santa. Please don’t bring a bought bottle from behind the bar or anywhere else. You can decide to pop your name on it if you like, or leave it a complete secret!

There will also be beers from the Left Barrel Brewing brewing day to taste on the night. If you brewed at LLB at at the club day in October, bring some along for comparisons.

Brewer of the Year 2019

Brewer of the Year is SABC’s annual award that recognises a member’s consistency in brewing throughout the year. It also acts as an encouragement to everyone to just enter beer in competitions because you can always learn from feedback and might even be surprised that it’s actually better than you thought.

This year’s Brewer of the Year is John van der Zalm. With a young family and demanding job, John doesn’t brew a lot but when he does, everything he makes is excellent. Over the last two year’s at least his beer has won or placed in every category he’s entered at our comps, SABSOSA and even does very well nationally. Last year his simple ‘thrown together’ English bitter won best of show at SABSOSA. Congratulations John!

John van der Zalm wins the 2019 Brewer of the Year award.
John van der Zalm wins the 2019 Brewer of the Year award.

Wrapping up 2019

Some words said at the end-of-year BeerBQ summer party last weekend.

Thank you to everyone who came to the SABC end of year summer party last weekend sharing your beers. Also, thank you to everyone who helped cook or contribute something.

So it’s another year and the club has had a good one – from our Southern vales brewery tour, brewing at Left Barrel, Summer and winter competitions getting really big and our successful running of SABSOSA.

Then there were all the monthly meetings that saw really great attendances and I think everyone enjoyed coming along. That’s all because of you, the members, but also the club’s committee which really makes this stuff happen and I want to personally thank them for always being there to step up, step in and come up with the ideas and shoot down the not so good ones.

I also think we need to thank and acknowledge our families – the partners and spouses who let us not just make beer but take time out from family life to sit around and talk about it – and maybe drink it a bit too.

The club is about community – it gives members a connection to others who love doing what they do and a support network of friendships that isn’t just about brewing beer but a whole lot more in life.

It’s been really heartening to see the members use the club’s network to call out for help when their equipment fails or are in urgent need of advice and mentorship. Certainly online there is often offers to help within minutes and I’m sure it’s not just about brewing.

Thanks to all our members for an awesome 2019.

SABC Summer BeerBQ this Sunday

It’s under a week now before our summer club event that we are calling BeerBQ ‘lite’ with petanque. It’s this Sunday, December 8 from 1 – 5 pm at the Prospect Petanque Club in Broadview and the weather is looking like a lovely sunny and warm 33c.

It’s a great spot to relax on a summer afternoon and have a beer and toss some boules. Because you’re a club member, it’s free, but we need you to RSVP for you and your family members in the shop via Santa pic below.

Just select the number of family coming — kids and spouse/ partners — and go through the checkout. It only takes a minute.

Bring your beer, either in some bottles or a keg your own dispensing gear. We’ll supply the glassware.

We’ll have a BBQ for everyone, nice and simple, snags for the kids and Zooper Doopers. There’s heaps of space for them to run around too with a playground in the same park.

If you would like to contribute some food, snacks, treats or just help, please let us know –

We’ll also be presenting the club annual award for Brewer of the Year.

Prospect Petanque Club, Broadview
Prospect Petanque Club, Broadview

Hot break: Wednesday meeting this week

We wanted to do another off-flavours tasting session this month but unfortunately, despite ordering a while ago, the kit hasn’t arrived. We’ll reschedule it for next year. This Wednesday we’ll meet at the Wheaty at 7 pm as usual and we plan to do something new. 

The committee is conscious that as the club grows, having members bring beer for tasting with a group of 40+ members is a big ask but sharing our beers and learning from the feedback of others is, at its core, what the club is about. 

Starting this week, and repeating a few times a year, we will taste beers and provide feedback in smaller groups working together. BJCP accredited judges will help guide the group to provide honest feedback and advice on what to try next time. It’s good for brewers and great to teach people who have not judged before start to learn more.

The beers can be submitted anonymously with no information or a with starting point — style, hops, ABV etc. Or, you can tell us it’s your beer and hear the feedback. 

So if you have a beer you want to share and get feedback on, bring it along. Just a longneck or a couple of stubbies is fine. You don’t need to bring excellent beer. Beers that didn’t quite hit your goals are encouraged. 

Don’t forget beer bingo. Bring a bottle and leave with a different one.

Christmas Party

Our party is on Sunday, December 8 from 1 pm – 5 pm at the Prospect Petanque Club, 14 – 32 Buchanan Street, Nailsworth. It’s a fantastic little place under shady trees in the middle of a park between Main North Rd and Galway Ave.

It’s free for members and their family but you need to RSVP via the shop after logging in

We’ve got a  Facebook event too.

Prospect Petanque Club, Broadview.

If you can help cook the BBQ, set-up or pack up or contribute something, let us know.

December 18: Pizza and secret Santa homebrew beer sharing

SABC BeerBQ (lite) Christmas party

As we crash headlong into end of year parties and summer ales, we’ve got our club season festivities.

For our Christmas event, this year we’re getting together for a summer ‘lite’ version of BeerBQ — like our annual winter event but on:

Sunday, December 8, from 1 pm – 5 pm at the Prospect Petanque Club, 14 – 32 Buchanan Street, Nailsworth. It’s a fantastic little place under shady trees in the middle of a park between Main North Rd and Galway Ave.

As a homebrewing club, we want to celebrate our brewing skills and, like BeerBQ, we welcome members to bring their beer to share in bottles or kegs. We’ll put on a BBQ and there’s petanque to be played as well.

This is a family-friendly event and we welcome you to invite your partner and kids. There’s a playground nearby and they can play petanque and run around on the pistes too.

Being a club subsidised event, there is no cost to members or family. This time it’s not an event for friends and other non-members. Beer is BYO but wine and soft drinks need to be bought from the club bar.

Watch out for a link to RSVP in the club shop and an event in our Facebook group soon.

We need your help. If you’re able to help set-up or pack up, help cook the BBQ (even just half an hour), bring something along to eat like snacks or a salad please or occasionally collect glassware and put it in the glasswasher, please let us know. We appreciate the help (and the committee also wants to relax and enjoy ourselves too).

The venue is great and as you can understand, convincing a club to let us come along and drink beer is a challenge but the Petanque club have been understanding and we’re paying a bit of ‘beer corkage’ and throwing a slab of Hahn Lite their way to cover their losses that they’d usually make from beer sales.

Membership reminder: You can renew your membership online easily yourself. If it has lapsed or about to lapse, you won’t be able to RSVP to events.

Next club meeting: November 20 at the Wheaty for off flavours identification. We’re buying a Siedel off-flavours kit to spike beer so you can get a better understanding of oxidation, acetaldehyde, diacetyl, DMS, solvents and more.

December: Pizza and beer sharing.

Kveik — Aha, it’s just Norwegian for yeast

How good is brewing beer? Even better with friends. Fifteen or so SABC members and a few onlookers shared a great day brewing at Left Barrel Brewing, Balhannah on Saturday. We brewed 280L of American Amber with CTZ and Chinook that came out at 1.066 / 56IBUs. All the brewers took home 20L to ferment as they want. We’ll taste the results of their cold-side decisions at our December/ Christmas meeting.

Thanks as always to Brad at Left Barrel for hosting us again. 

This week is our regular monthly meeting at the Wheaty. The main theme of the night is kveik — the new-old rockstar Norwegian farmhouse yeast that’s spinning heads with its clean fermentation profile at high temperatures. Clinton has brewed a beer for us using White Lab’s commercial strain and, along with SABC’s own Professor of Kveik, Mark Pirate, they’ll present the background of the yeast, pros and cons and experiences using it.

Could this be a go-to Adelaide summer yeast? Get your questions ready to hit ’em with. We’ve also got a beer from Kieren (always a wild ride) and other stuff going on.

Don’t forget to bring a bottle for ‘beer bingo’. It’s hard to share a beer with all members so bring one or two to swap. Put your name on it if you’d like some feedback.

Do you have an idea for a club night theme, topic or want to put on a presentation around a style or comparison experiment? Let us know. We can help line things up or supply some ingredients.

In other club upcoming news and events, we’re working on an event for the end of the year. News to come.

Also (but TBC), next month we’ll probably do another off flavours education tasting session (always happy to have a dud beer donated for examination – don’t be shy) and December will be pizzas and the Left Barrel amber ales.

Summer competition

As you’d know the theme is all things Belgian. We’ll be judging on a weekend in mid-late February. So heads up, you might want to get brewing now and also be aware that sometimes the ingredient you need could be hard to get in January. It’s a good opportunity to brew something you might not usually tackle and put you out of your comfort zones.

Also, the Uraidla Show is on November 3 and is back to judging beer and wine. Entry details here [PDF] 

Membership renewals and joining are online on our website.

Keep up to date with happenings and social posts on our Facebook Group for members

SAB at Left Barrel Brewing

Back to normal

The monthly club meeting is on this Wednesday at the Wheaty from 7 pm. After a flurry of activity managing a successful SABSOSA, we’re back to core business — almost.

On the feedback we got on last year’s post-SABSOSA meeting, we’re going to do it again. Some of our winning brewers will reveal the story and secrets behind the brewing of their winning beers and share their tips and advice for what might have given it marginal gains to earn a medal.

We know not everyone cares about competitions but comp winning brewers make good beer and it’s good to learn how we can make our beers better.

If you did well and can bring in some of your beer for a tasting, that’d be great. Drop us a message to let us know (

Gary accepts his Best Brewer of Show award from Jade at The Wheaty

SABC, again, did really well in the show. Congratulations in particular to winners of Best Brewer Of Show, Gary Waters and Highly Commended Beer (Imperial Stout), Julien Gibson.

Also, Luke Scrivens, Wolfgang, Thomas Michl, Rafael Aragon, Brenton Schoemaker, Wol, Brendan Macey, John Van der Zalm, Liam Yorke, Craig Milnes, Lachlan, Ali Holden, Neill Gardner and Paul Sparkes.

The full results are now on the SABSOSA page.

A big thank you to Gary and Julien who shouldered the majority of the work organising the competition and everyone who helped judge, steward or did anything to make it the successful and smoothly run comp it was… and of course all of you who entered.

Left Barrel Brew Day #2
We held one last year and Left Barrel has invited us to brew again. For members who didn’t get to do it last time, we can offer it to about 15 to brew on Saturday, October 12. Express interest on the Facebook event or email us. We hope we don’t have to have a rock-paper-scissors playoff to select the final 15. Get in fast. More on Wednesday.

Want to brew a beer with kviek?
We’ve got the ingredients to brew a beer using kviek yeast — the Norwegian monster yeast that knows no temperature boundaries. Come on Wednesday and put your case forward — again it might involve a rock-paper-scissors playoff to select a winner. Resident kviek professor, Mark Pirates, is going to share his boundless passion for his favourite Norwegian product other than Aha.

Got any ideas?
We’re always looking for meeting night presentation ideas. If you’ve got something you want to share or group experiment — let us know. We can help buy ingredients if needed.

Case Swap
Glen is hosting another case swap on Saturday, November 9. A case swap is a good chance for brewers to get together to enjoy beer, talking brewing and of course, talking crap. Attendees typically bring a keg or bottles of homebrew beer along to share. Talk to Glen or send him a message if you want to know more (like where he lives). More on Brew Adelaide forum here.

If you want a t-shirt or cap for summer or a hoodie to warm up on chilly spring evenings, order from the SABC shop. If you order now, we can deliver to you on Wednesday night.
You can also join or renew your membership too!

Robe Beer Festival Homebrew Competition

Enter your beers into the Robe Beer Festival and compete for gold, silver and bronze awards in 10 categories, up to $1000 in prize money. Gain recognition for your crafty brews and valuable feedback from the competition’s judging panel. This is your chance to win the BEER OF SHOW prize, where you get the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and brew your winning beer on a commercial scale at the local Robe Town Brewery in Robe, South Australia.

Awards will be announced on the main stage at Robe Beer Fest 2019, Saturday 26th October.

The Entry deadline for entry to the Robe comp must be received by email: October 13th. Entry Form is here.

They also need judges. Contact Tom O’Reilly on 0434 497 131.

They’re also organising a masterclass for homebrewers that will be held in Robe on the afternoon/evening of Friday, October 25th, during the final judging stages of this year’s homebrew competition. Learn about classic homebrewing faults and how to avoid them, as well as tips for making great beer from experienced brewers and beer judges.