Comp week update!

Hello all, couple of updates on comp.

If you have your beers made and ready to go, don’t forget to register, pay and print your labels. I know I almost forgot with it being a busy time at home (first day of school tomorrow).

There was a slight admin error on the comp portal where we had British Brown Ale instead of London Brown Ale registered as a style.
As a result, we have agreed to have both sub styles within the comp.
If you wish to recategorise your British Brown to London Brown, please send me a PM and I can arrange for this to happen on the back end.
Although the British Brown is not a low alc style of beer, it will be judged in the low alc category for the sake of keeping 5 main categories.
Please bare in mind that it is not being judged against the other styles, but against the style guidelines.

The bus is being confirmed in the next day or 2 and so far there are only 9 judges registered in the portal. If you are available to judge or steward, please register on the portal or let me know.
The sooner the better as the difference in price for a 12 seater bus and a 25 seater bus is significant.
Those who have registered, I will be in contact tomorrow to confirm if you would like to avail the bus service. Or if you are reading this and know you want to get on the bus, just send me a PM.

Bottle drop off is available to Unit Three up until 10am Sunday morning, they are happy to take entries and store them on site until then. I have a number of entries for member which I will bring with me and happy to take others if there is a need.

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