Summer Comp 2024 – Wheaty Rebrew

We will be hosted by Beer No Evil and Lonegum Farmhouse at their new venue in Lonsdale, Unit 3 Collective.

Some members may remember us holding the summer comp here a couple of years ago when they first acquired the premises, and it was a great afternoon.

We will be organising transport to and from the venue and it will be for judges/stewards and staff only. Transport will be booked on number of people registered on the competition portal to travel so registering for this is essential if you wish to utilise the transport.
There will be 1 pick up and drop off location unless there is a second on route to the venue. This can be discussed at the next meeting.

This year we have 5 Categories with 3 styles per category.
We will be limiting entries to 5 max entries per person and 1 max entry per category.
This is a good one to spread your styles out or rebrew your old favourites. With the wide range of styles to choose from, there is a bit of comfort for everyone as well as the option to try a style you may never have before.


Low Alc
•            Scottish Light
•            London Brown Ale
•            Czech Pale Lager

Amber & Dark Lager
•            Munich Dunkel
•            Marzen
•            Schwarzbier

Specialty IPA
•            White IPA
•            Brut IPA
•            Red IPA

•            English
•            Pre-prohibition
•            American

•            Biere de Garde
•            Belgian Single
•            Belgian Golden Strong

Not only is there the potential for bragging rights and winning the SABC Summer Trophy, but Jade from the Wheaty has put forward the option of rebrewing the winning recipe with you assisting and picking the brains of the Wheaty Brew Corp team.

Giving the nature of the prize, all beers are required to be All Grain, kits brews will not be considered for a rebrew.

Small disclaimer, the winning beer of the comp doesn’t win the rebrew. The top beer from each category will go to a second Judging panel for a “Best of Show” so should you win a category, we will need a second bottle of your beer for judging.

The competition portal is now live so head on over and register and get those beers entered.

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