October Newsletter

Hi Members,

Plenty is happening with your club with some updates below. There are more projects in planning with details to be released at a later date. As always we are open for feed back and/ or ideas via info@sabrew.com or simply approach one of the committee members. Cheers N Beers.

October Meeting.

NOTE this months meeting, Wednesday 19th, will be held at Shapeshifter Brewery 2/54 Crittenden Rd, Findon SA 5023. Carla will be presenting a talk about IPA/hops. Please RSVP to the facebook event so we can advise Shapeshifter of numbers. Those not on Facebook can email info@sabrew.com.

Australian National Homebrew Conference.

This will be held 14th – 15th October in Melbourne and tickets are still available. www.anhc.com.au. We will be representing the club in an “unique” way on Saturday club night. There is an active messenger group for information – contact Mark Woods on FB or at info@sabrew.com if you wish to be involved in the shenanigans.


All SABSOSA final placings and scoring will be posted soon. Australian Amateur Brewing Championship awards will be presented at Deeds Brewery on Thursday night 13th October. Good luck to all those that made it in to the National competition, word is the entries were shipped with much care and have arrived for judging.

Barrel Project.

Luke Dat Beard has pulled a rabbit out of the hat for this one! Pirate Life will supply the Skycity brewery, pro-brewers for questions, ingredients and will ferment on site.
All financial members of the club will be welcome to join Pirate Life for a brew day to brew the beer. The beer will be branded SABC + Pirate Life ,pro labeled and bottled. A bottle will be provided to each paid member of the club and then will be for sale at Pirate Life. Save Saturday 19th of November for this awesome day. RSVP is a must for this event for venue capacity reasons see Facebook event or if you must email at info@sabrew.com.

Teams Challenge and November Meeting.

Most areas have had their brew days and the results will be interesting indeed. Dermott from BeerCo will attend our meeting on the 16th of November at The Wheaty. Captains of the teams please bring enough of the challenge beer to share with all meeting attendees. Dermott has been very generous for an interstate club so please support him where you can.

Summer Club Competition.

Trans-Tasman Summer Comp. The closing date is 27th Jan and judging on Sunday 29th Jan. Theme is Trans-Tasman and so all the ingredients where possible need to be from either Australia or New Zealand. The categories are listed below, and there is an experimental category for anything special you want to try.

CATEGORIES 1A – American (Australian) Light Lager
1B – American (Australian) Lager
18A – Blonde Ale
12B – Australian Sparkling ale
X5 – New Zealand Pilsner
18B – NZ/AUS Pale Ale (American Pale Ale but must use native ingredients)
21A – NZ/ AUS IPA (American IPA but must use native ingredients)
21C – Hazy IPA
34C – Experimental Beer (for all other creations. Get creative with native AUS/NZ ingredients). 

Bluestone Yeast Pre-order.
Beerbelly regularly support our club through sponsorship and are willing to bring in a shipment of Bluestone yeast, allowing us to try this Australian liquid yeast without worrying about shipping conditions and costs. Just in time for the summer comp! This is a company in Victoria that provide quality liquid yeast that has been used in commercial breweries, such as the Wheaty, who have been impressed by the quality of the fermentations and the viability of this liquid yeast coming from interstate rather than internationally like Whitelabs or Wyeast. If you would like to pre-order any of their strains, please contact Nick at nick.hauschild@gmail.com who will collate a list. Please get in touch by 7th October if you’re interested. For a list of the strains available please see: https://bluestoneyeast.com.au/#strains.

10yr Anniversary Dinner.

As communicated the date is set for Saturday the 10th of December. Plenty happening in the background with lots more details to come as confirmed.

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