We need your help to judge summer comp – there’s also a social event too

The competition is running on Sunday, Feb 20. The event is up and entries are coming in — now we need your help. 

As always we need judges. Even if you’ve never judged before, we need your help. It’s just drinking beer after all. 

Register in the portal so you can be allocated even if you’ve entered. We place you in a different style or flight. https://comps.sabrew.com

Don’t be nervous. It’s fun, you’ll be with other experienced judges and you’ll learn a lot that benefits your own understanding of tasting and brewing beer.

The location is in Lonsdale in space that will become a new brewery. So you get to see it in development. 

Social event.

We can also welcome members to come to the venue for the winners’ presentation and share a beer or two. Bring one or two to share around. It’s a social event too.

Of course, you can enter your beer for the competition too. There are limits on the number of entries and entries per style.

Bottle drop will be on the day, at the meeting the week prior and at BeerBelly by 5pm Friday 18th.

The categories are;

  • Hop forward beers (IPA, pale ales etc)
  • Dark/Stout
  • Sours

One beer from each category will be crowned the winner with medals for second and third.

Entry is only open to SABC financial club members, including new financial members who join the club. There can be one entry per category and a maximum of three entries. There will be a cap on total entries..

Entries close on Thursday 17th February. Judges and stewards will be needed. Register your availability in the portal.

We still hope that the winning beer will be brewed by a commercial brewing company and released on tap at our very own stand at the July Beer & BBQ festival.

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