SABC Winter Competition open

Hello. The entry portal for the club’s winter competition is open for entries today, Monday 28 June.

The competition is only open to current financial members of SABC (join or renew here). Read more rules and conditions on the portal. Entries may be disqualified if not in accordance

You must create a new account for this competition — even if you have entered our summer and winter or SABCSOA comps before. We start a new database for each competition. You only need to register your information once. You will be able to return to the portal enter more beers or edit entries.

Pay your entry fees online. After payment, you can print your bottle labels to fix to your entries. Do not put any other marking or your name on the bottle. We just need a clear barcode to scan.

Seriously, no names or bottle markings.

The focus is lager. No other beer styles are being judged. Two entries per category will be permitted. See listed categories below.

The winning lager, along with coveted club “brewer of the year” points, will have a special limited edition version of their winning brewed to be on tap at The Suburban Brew later in the year.

Of course, the winning brewer will be invited to help brew their beer at Suburban.


3 – 10 July – Bottle drop off (strictly) at The Suburban Brew, Goodwood Rd, Goodwood during their open hours. Check here.

14 July – Judging. A closed event with accredited judges only.

Wednesday 21 July – Winners announced and prizes, at the club meeting being held at The Wheatsheaf Hotel.

Categories included for entries are (BJCP 2015 style guidelines) including sub-categories:

  • 1 Standard American Beer* excluding 1C, 1D
  • 2 International Lager
  • 3 Czech Lager
  • 4 Malty European lager
  • 5 Pale Bitter European
  • 6 Amber Malty European Lager
  • 7 Amber Bitter European Lager
  • 8 Dark European Lager
  • 9 Strong European Beer

BJCP styles and more on the comps page.

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