0.9 and falling…

Everyone had an excellent time at our Real Ale Festival. Thank you brewers who created something for us to enjoy at the Hilton RSL.

It’s the third Wednesday of the month and that means it’s meeting week. This month we’re at Pirate Life in Port Adelaide where we will again be their guests and that often means treats and special offers.

The subject is no and low alcohol beers. PL has released their Point Nine, a 0.9% beer, and there are now many 0.0% abv beers on the shelves and they are getting better and better. How does Pirate Life brew them? 

Julien has also brewed one for us to assess.

‘Brewer’s shout’ happy hour is from 6pm- 7pm.

18 Baker St, Port Adelaide.

Members only for this one. If you’re interested in joining the club because we do cool stuff like this, join up or come to a regular meeting.

Hoodies and kit

Our new order of hoodies are in. If you expressed interest in one, log in to the shop and grab it. If they’re not bought soon they’ll be released to the wider club.

 https://shop.sabrew.com/product-category/swag/ Order ASAP and don’t miss out.

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