Appreciate beer more at our meeting this Wednesday

Club meeting this Wednesday at the Wheaty at 7pm.

This month we’re going to do another round of beer assessments in groups. It worked well last time and it suits our COVID restrictions.

Each table will be given a bottle that is unlabeled and with no hints as to what the inside beverage is. In tables, taste the beer and discuss things like aroma, appearance, flavour, mouthfeel and try to see if you can come to a consensus about what this beer is and any extra additions that may have been included.

***CALL OUT***  if you have a long neck of a beer or a couple of stubbies that you have brewed that you would like to get some feedback from the group, please let us know in an email so we can ensure that we have enough.

It’s a great opportunity to have a new brew tasted, or if you’ve tried something completely different.

Bottle Bingo!

Yeah baby, it’s on! Bring one bottle or many to swap with fellow members! A great way to taste some sensational beers (and clear out that stock of your own bottles)

SABSOSA judging us underway.

Please check your emails (including updates or promotions or spam folders) for details of judging or stewarding sessions if you nominated to help.

The awards announcement and presentation is on Sunday, September 27 at The Wheaty from 12pm. Put it in your diaries. 

Left Barrel Brew Day

October 17 is the date. Clinton is project managing it. Talk to him on Wednesday night or send us an email if you want to be in on it but can’t make the meeting. More info to come so don’t worry.

COVID stuff

Remember to sign in to the meeting by pointing your phone camera a the QR Code/ or use the URL to get to the form on your phone.

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