Cancelled meeting this week

The committee has made the difficult decision to cancel this Wednesday’s meeting. We are all aware that the whole nation, and the world, is taking unprecedented measures to try and slow the infections from COVID-19.

We don’t want to be seen to be above the expectations of the community when concerts, sports, family get-togethers and weddings are being cancelled. There is a lot of disappointment and we are sure you understand. What we all do this week will hopefully show significant benefits by this time next month.

We also planned to use our off flavours sensory kit. Not only is it quite expensive to buy and we want everyone to be able to have benefited from it, but we also cannot use it without people coming in close contact with vessels as we stick our noses into it.

It is a fast-changing situation, however, we do plan to continue hold the competition judging on Saturday albeit with changed routines (no jugs will be used, bottles opened at the tables, stewards will wear gloves and we’ll use disposable cups that we will recycle.

We understand this makes it difficult for some of you to drop your entries off without a meeting. Please watch your emails and the Facebook Group and Page for updates. You can still drop them at BeerBelly (note cutoff time on the competitions portal) and Gilbert St at 12pm on Saturday. If you’re stuck, send us an email and we’ll try and sort out an alternative.

Enter here.

We also hope our Hills bus tour goes ahead (Tickets are available here). We have committed to refunding tickets if the tour doesn’t go ahead.

The BeerBQ on May 2 is also still on our calendar. All you need to do is brew a beer for it and hope it happens.

For now, stay safe and healthy.

Gus and SABC committee.

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