Kicking off 2020

Happy new year!.

We kick off 2020 with our regular monthly meeting this Wednesday at the Wheaty from 7pm (yes, it’s the third Wednesday of the month already). Traditionally we’ve met at Little Bang in January but because of the Wheaty’s availability during Fringe, we’ll go to LBB next month.

This week, apart from a catch-up and beer, we’ve got some hop sensory kits to use courtesy of Wally who donated them. This isn’t the off flavours identification session we were planning before Christmas. We know there is a lot of interest in that so we’ll do that in March. This is a way of experiencing the different aromas hops can produce — earthy, piney, floral, tropical etc…

With the devastation of the current bushfires, we as a club would like to contribute something in the way of a donation. We have some ideas but we’d like to hear any you have as well. Ideally, a donation of around $2000 is our goal. It could be we sell something, we donate all entry fees from Summer Comp — all ideas welcome.

Summer competition:
The summer competition will be judged on Saturday, March 21. The entry portal will be open in early March and entries can be dropped at the March meeting, BeerBelly and on the day by 12.15.

The theme is Belgian — more specifics to come.

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