Scaling up

At the club meeting on Wednesday, we’re going to be joined by three brewers who took their homebrew developed recipes to commercial release. James from Shapeshifter, Tony from The Suburban Brew and many of you will know our member Stuart Kirk, SK Beverages. All three have released beers on the market this year.

We’re going to discover what lessons they learnt when scaling up their homebrew to commercial scale. Can you just press the scale-up button on BeerSmith and know the beer will be the same and how does the cost of ingredients factor. An IPA with five hops might be spectacular as a 20L batch but it’s not economically practical at 1000L.

So the theme is about recipe design and ingredients and not so much about barcodes, marketing and tax but the brewers will be available for a chat after the formalities. We’ll also have some goodies to raffle!

Win a 75L Stainless kettle

We’re going to draw the winner of the stainless 75L kettle at the meeting as well. Everyone who is currently a financial member of the club will be in the draw. If your membership has lapsed, or you’re not sure what status it is, check or renew online before you miss the draw. Tips on how to do it here.

SABSOSA entry assessment. Brewed an IPA but the hops haven’t quite popped? Maybe it’s a winning American Pale Ale. A stout but with some adjuncts? Possibly it’s better suited to the experimental category.

As we’re on the eve of the state competition, we are also asking everyone to bring along a bottle of your entry and our experienced club judges can offer some advice on if you’re entering it in the right category. It seems straightforward but many great beers lose points and places because they’re simply in the wrong category.

It’s getting close. Bottle sorting is on August 31 and judging on September 6-7. If you are willing to help, either judge or steward, can you please express your interest via the portal. You need to EDIT your profile and indicate in the fields that you can help. It helps us plan things much more easily and with over 400 entries, we need to be methodical. You can also help at bottle sort and even at the award presentation on Sept 14 at the Wheaty.

The entry portal is open and closes on Aug 30. Like our comps, you should enter, pay and print labels well in advance of the deadline. You won’t be able to get in after that. Fix your labels to bottles with rubber bands.

Bottle drop off. Club members who have bottles ready can bring them to the Wednesday meeting. We’ll look after them. Goodwood Cellars are now a drop-off point too. Follow SABSOSA on Facebook for updates.

Understanding beer
Speaking of the language of beer, TAFE SA is offering its Beer Flavour Training course again. Over four weeks, it aims to teach anyone seeking a detailed and comprehensive understanding of beer styles, flavours, faults and evaluation. The course is delivered by Stephen Nelsen.

Ideas Do you have an idea for something the club can do or offer? It could be a simple meeting theme or a weekend event or even a service for members to benefit from. Let us know either by email or chat to a committee member.

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