Mad May continues with Fixation IPA Masterclass

Thank you to the 60 members and their friends who came to our BeerBQ on Saturday night. It was a fantastic night again this year filled with friends and great beers and food. It couldn’t be done without the support of our cooks, organisers and brewers.

**SOLD OUT ***

Good Beer Wheaty is on again from Thursday at the Wheatsheaf Hotel. This Fixation IPA Masterclass is one session not to miss. It’s this Thursday night, 9th May from 6 – 8 pm. SABC members who are going can get a free fancy of beer thanks to our great supporter The Wheaty.

You need to either email us or comment on the Facebook group post that you’re definitely going and have a ticket by 12 pm Thursday and we’ll get your name on the list. We’ll also have a SABC table reserved for us.

It’s fair to say, Fixation knows how to make an IPA and Tom Delmont has a one track mind. What makes a good IPA? What are the best hopping techniques to deliver massive aroma? Flowers or pellets? Fresh is best. Or is it? Do IBUs matter? Hazy, milkshake, brett, brut or tart — what’s the next big thing in IPAs? Will we ever reach peak IPA? There’s a tasting of a clutch of Incubator IPA’s rarely, if ever, seen outside the Melbourne venue, alongside some Fixation classics.…/ar…/fixation_ipa_masterclass

Next club meeting is May 22 at Pirate Life, Port Adelaide for a tour. 7 pm sharp and its capped at 40 people only. Cost is $15. More to come soon.

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