Winter Competition Results

The Winter Competition has been run and won, with a good number of members turning out to try their hand at judging.  The total number of entries across the four categories was 43, and the quality of beer entered was on the whole very high.  Here’s how it panned out:

Pale Ales:

  1. Brendan Hennessy – British Golden Ale
  2. Brendan Hennessy – Australian Sparkling Ale
  3. Clint Fisher – Pale American Ale


India Pale Ales:

  1. Kieren Vercoe – IPA
  2. Gary Waters – English IPA
  3. Tony Dichiera – IPA


Strong Ales:

  1. Simon Rofe – Scottish Heavy
  2. Lachlan Johnson – Scottish Heavy
  3. Kieren Vercoe – Strong British Ale



  1. Greg Wieder – Irish Stout (Tied on total points, and awarded on count back)
  2. Brendan Hennessy – Irish Extra Stout
  3. Brendan Hennessy – Irish Stout

Clearly, the floor was well and truly mopped by Brendan, who also took the Beer of Show prize. He has earned himself a brew day at Little Bang Brewing, where no doubt he’ll be doing some more floor mopping…

A huge thanks to our sponsors for coming up with some great prizes for this competition.  Grain and hops were provided by Beerbelly, grain by Country Brewer at Kilburn, gift vouchers by Country Brewer at Clovelly Park, and of course the brew day from Little Bang will no doubt be a hoot, knowing Ryan and Fil.  Thanks also to Ryan for coming along and judging the Beer of Show for us.

Score sheets will be scanned and emailed in the coming weeks, and the Brewer of the Year leaderboard should be updated in the next couple of days.



2016 AGM – Here’s what happened:

The AGM has been and gone, and thanks to all who took the time to attend.  Thanks also to Clint for running it.  The committee is largely unchanged this year, with one addition and a little shuffle.  Here is the list of committee members:

  • President: Julien Gibson
  • Vice President: Clinton Fisher
  • Treasurer: Ed Shorne Holden
  • Secretary: Luke Moran
  • General committee members:
    • Gary Waters (Development Officer)
    • Simon Rofe
    • Kieren Vercoe
    • Glen Phillis

Committee meetings are held on average every couple of months, and as always, anyone is welcome to attend.  We will endeavour to post notification of committee meetings here with as much notice as possible, but sometimes trying to get eight adults together on the same evening can be a bit like herding cats.

The president’s report which was presented at the AGM is attached to this post for anyone who wasn’t there.  The accounts are still being audited, however we will advise once that is complete and the auditor’s and treasurer’s report will be available to view upon request.

2016 AGM

The AGM is this coming Saturday the 23rd of July, starting at 1pm sharp out the back at the Wheaty.

Attached to this post are the agenda for the AGM, as well as the minutes of the last AGM.

At the AGM, all committee positions will be declared vacant, and any financial member is eligible to nominate for a role on the committee.  There are four club officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  There are also up to four general committee members, one of which this year we are specifically targeting as a development officer. This role is essentially to build relationships between the club and potential sponsors and the brewing community generally.  Anyone who wishes to nominate for a position can send an email, or nominate on the day.

Another (final, I promise) reminder that to be eligible to vote at the AGM, you must be a financial member.

We hope to see as many members there as possible, and don’t for get the Winter Competition judging is straight after the AGM.

South Australian Brewing Club 2016 AGM Agenda

SABC 2015 AGM minutes

Check out our new Facebook group

We’ve got the SABC Facebook group up and running, check it out here:  If you’re a bit of a Facebook troglodyte (like me), a group is different to a page, such as our regular SABC Facebook page, in that it allows anyone who is a member of the group to post.  All posts are on the main group page for all to see, rather than on a seperate visitor’s page.

The idea is to make this the place for discussion between members that we can all post to  and easily see, so if you’re a Facebook-er, head over and put in a member request.  There’s already some quality (?!) stuff on there…

Winter Competition Reminder

Don’t forget to get your entries in for the Winter Competition, which is being judged after the AGM on July 23rd.  Head over to the Compmaster website to enter your winning beer.

Bottles can be dropped off at the Wheaty in the week prior, or brought on the day, or if you want to organise a drop off with a committee member please email us.

The stakes are high, with the winner of beer of the day getting a brew day at Little Bang! How cool is that!

ANHC Club night

We are still looking for a few handy people to help out with the conversion of Gary’s dingy into the winning bar at the ANHC club night.  At the moment working days have been scheduled for Saturday 13th of August and Saturday 20th of August.  If you think you can spare some time, please contact Gary on 0417 893 321.  We also need dispense gear (which will all go back to its owners), so if you have fittings, disconnects or anything else useful please let us know.

We will no doubt have the best bar on the night, but it will all be for nothing if we don’t have beer flowing through the taps.  We have some brewers lined up, but still need more.  If you can commit to brewing a batch for the night, please let us know.  Running out of beer would not be a good look…

Membership fees reminder

A quick reminder that membership renewals and fees are now due.  If you intend to renew (and we sincerely hope that you do!), please head over to the sign up page and fill out the online form.  You can pay by bank transfer or in person at the next meeting, which will be the AGM.  Please note that to be eligible to vote at the AGM you must be a financial member.