Gawler Show

The Gawler Show is coming up soon, and the entry details have now been posted on their website.  Head over to our Competitions page for the relevant links and info.  You’ll also find the dates have been added to the calendar.

Anyone who is interested in judging or stewarding, please contact Gary Waters on 0417 893 321 or Steve Wilkins on 0417 879 774

Good luck!

Positions Vacant

We have a need for hands-on folk to undertake the construction of HMAS “Soon To Be Named” for the ANHC club night.  We are converting a wooden row boat into a super-bar, with taps, cask and hand pump, and hopefully even a hoppinator.

The following vacancies are open, the more the merrier:

  • Creative types who can think of a theme and appropriate dress code for the evening.
  • Brewers – we need to serve kegged beer. The theme I am sure will be released by the ANHC committee soon.
  • Construction crew and a venue to house a 3 metre x 2 metre wooden boat and hand trolley.
  • Kegging equipment suppliers/ fibreglass or insulation specialists.
  • Cask crew needed. 1-2 casks, appropriate brews and a hand pump arrangement.
  • Transport crew – Ed has volunteered his van but the boat just won’t jump in like Porter the dog does.
  • Thirsty people .. We just can’t go with a dry run can we?

Please contact Gary at or 0417 893 321

There is 5 weeks until the AGM it would be great to most of the construction done by then and an unofficial launch shortly after.

As the local club this year, we have no excuses not to pull off something amazing, so even if you can only spare an afternoon, if you have some time and skills to offer please step up.

Get Your Buckles Swashed!

We’re off to lead the Pirate Life (well, for an afternoon at least)!


The next SABC social event will be held at Pirate Life Brewing, on Sunday August 28th.  Walking the plank from 12:30pm onwards, there will be a brewery tour of course, plus food and beer.  BYO witty banter and pirate shenanigans.  There will be a prize for the best pirate costume, and other fun stuff.  We’re still thrashing out the details, but the date is locked in.  See you there, me hearties!

(More cheesy pirate talk is almost guaranteed…)

Winter Competition Update

We are trialling Compmaster, which is a web application, for this year’s Winter Competition, and I’m happy to announce that the competition is now live on the website.  You can get to the Compmaster website here. Once the page has loaded you will need to create an account, after which you will be able to choose the SABC Winter Competition from the “Select a Competition” tab, and proceed to fill out one or more entry forms.

The process is pretty straight forward and self-guiding, however if anyone has any difficulties please send us an email.

Behold, our new Calendar page!

The Calendar page is finally live, and you can check it out here.  At the moment there are only a couple of entries in it, but from now on we will be adding in all SABC meetings and events, as well as any other events (competitions etc.) that we come across.  You can export ics calendar entries, which will allow you to add events to your own calendars.  If you experience any difficulties, please let us know.

June meeting

The June meeting is coming up, and it should be another interesting one.  This month’s topic is “All Grain vs Extract”, and we will have two beers to compare and discuss, brewed by Luke and Simon, which were brewed especially for the meeting.  Hopefully we will all learn a bit about recipe conversion, and factors to take into account when doing so.

As always, if you have a beer you would like to present, please email us and bring along three longnecks ore equivalent.  Please be prepared to talk about your beer and have as much info on the recipe and brewday as possible.

See you at the Wheaty on Wednesday the 15th, 7pm out the back.