SABC Club Brewer of the Year

Open to all SABC members, brewers who are awarded places at the nominated competitions in all categories will receive points.  The top point scorer after the last competition will be awarded the SABC Brewer Of The Year trophy. SABC competitions now attract more points (see below).

Point scoring competitions
SABC Summer Competition – Triple Points!
Tanunda Show
SABC BeerBQ informal competition – Double Points!
SABC Winter Competition – Triple Points!
Gawler Show

1st = 3 points.
2nd = 2 points.
3rd = 1 point.

Current Brewer of the Year Leaderboard

Congratulations to our 2016 Brewer of the Year – Kieren Vercoe.

Competition Dates – This will be updated as information becomes available.

12th February 2017: SABC Summer Competition – Munich Helles – GuidelinesEntry Website

1st March 2017: Tanunda ShowEntry Form

July 2017: SABC Winter Competition: Guidelines

August 2017: Gawler Show

Mid September 2017: SABSOSA, Results

Late September 2017: ANAWBS

October 2017: AABC