Positions Vacant

We have a need for hands-on folk to undertake the construction of HMAS “Soon To Be Named” for the ANHC club night.  We are converting a wooden row boat into a super-bar, with taps, cask and hand pump, and hopefully even a hoppinator.

The following vacancies are open, the more the merrier:

  • Creative types who can think of a theme and appropriate dress code for the evening.
  • Brewers – we need to serve kegged beer. The theme I am sure will be released by the ANHC committee soon.
  • Construction crew and a venue to house a 3 metre x 2 metre wooden boat and hand trolley.
  • Kegging equipment suppliers/ fibreglass or insulation specialists.
  • Cask crew needed. 1-2 casks, appropriate brews and a hand pump arrangement.
  • Transport crew – Ed has volunteered his van but the boat just won’t jump in like Porter the dog does.
  • Thirsty people .. We just can’t go with a dry run can we?

Please contact Gary at garyandlee4@bigpond.com or 0417 893 321

There is 5 weeks until the AGM it would be great to most of the construction done by then and an unofficial launch shortly after.

As the local club this year, we have no excuses not to pull off something amazing, so even if you can only spare an afternoon, if you have some time and skills to offer please step up.

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