National BJCP judge recognition

SABC would like to congratulate Luke Scrivens as the very first SA National recognised BJCP judge. Obtaining a BJCP rank at this level is no short order, and Luke’s commitment on this long journey can’t be underestimated.

A few words from Gary:

“To those whom know Luke he is unassuming with a quick smile and cheeky manner, which belies his huge talent and intelligence .

Luke managed to finish the BJCP online exam in exemplary time and made the rest of us feel like the mere mortals we really are.

We were hoping for others to join him, so we can extend the opportunity for others to qualify as BJCP judges with enough proctors within SA , we were so close with Justin Murdock ( voted recently as the best distiller in Australia) just .5 away from qualifying . The March for more recognised judges go forth , your support of local competitions is not underestimated

Thank you to all. Your support in running these tastings and exams has been fantastic.”

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