Welcome to 10 years of SA Brewing Club

Welcome to 10 years of SA Brewing Club

Dear Members past and present.

Firstly I would like to acknowledge the past efforts of Brad, Julien , Clinton and most recently Gus as Presidents of this club. They collectively have built a strong club with great values of Companionship, Knowledge, Participation and Inclusion.

I can already see these values in the current committee who have really blown me away with their talents and enthusiasm. We should all look forward to a full year of activities.

Here are a few of these activities to look forward too

– SABSOSA is just around the corner, put your entries in and if you can help on the days we can always do with extra hands
– Guest speakers have been organised for October and November, September will allow us to recap on SABSOSA and prepare for ANHC.
– Summer comp has an ANZAC theme
– Group Challenge has already been announced, details and ingredients will be released at the September meetings, but get your group together. See Facebook for details
– 10 year Dinner, details available shortly.. Just keep Dec 10 available
– BeerBQ and Winter Comp are committed too
– Luke Beard is being very tight lipped at the moment in regards to the barrel project .. but its WOW!

I hope everyone gets something special out of the club, please let me know if you have any ideas new or areas of improvement.


Gary Waters
0417 893 321

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