ANHC Club Night Boat Build

The final (hopefully) push to get the boat-bar finished for Club Night is scheduled for Saturday September 3rd.  Anyone with any kind of manual skills (let’s face it, opposable thumbs will do) who has a bit of time to help out in the morning would be most welcome.  Gary will throw a few snags on the BBQ, and maybe we can even persuade him to knock the lids of a couple of his finest (or you could bring one of your own…)

As mentioned at the meeting this week, we also need some more people to put their hand up to brew for the event, so if you have a keg to spare or the time to brew one in time for mid-October, or if you can help with the build on the 3rd, please let us know.

We also talked about gas supplies for Club Night.  The ANHC has asked if we can organise as many cylinders as possible, so if you can spare one for the night please get in touch via the  Club Night email address:

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