SABC Cal Common launch and next competition announcement

At the October meeting at the Wheaty last week, those in attendance were lucky enough to be able to sample Simon’s Cal Common which he brewed with the Wheaty.  Simon also brought in some of his home brewed Cal Common, which was as close as he could practically make to what was produced at the Wheaty.  While there were definitely some common (see what I did there) attributes to both beers, the differences were intriguing.  Very nice beers both however.

After giving us a run down of the recipe and brew day, Jade also announced the style for the summer competition, which is to be judged sometime in the first quarter of 2016.  The challenge is a Session IPA. The only stipulations are that the beer be 4.5% ABV or less, and clearly an IPA (new world, old world, out of this world).  More details to follow…

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