Rehn Bier Members’ Offer

SABC Rehn Bier Offer

For those of you who enjoy the offerings of the Barossa’s Rehn Bier, Brenton Rehn has provided SABC members with a fantastic offer. SABC members will receive a 5% discount on any beer purchased, plus 1 Rehn Bier branded glass (425ml Keller) for every 9 bottles purchased.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please complete the order form (link at top of page) and return it to Rehn Bier. Payment is made direct to Rehn Bier as per the form instructions. Brenton has also kindly offered to deliver any orders placed by 6/11/2015 to the November SABC meeting. Please advise SABC if you require this.

Based in the beautiful Barossa Valley, the Rehn Bier nano-brewery uses traditional brewing principles to hand-craft every single bottle of beer. There’s no rush. Brewing, bottling, hand labelling and conditioning each small batch of our craft beers takes six weeks, giving the aromas and flavours the optimal amount of time and love to develop. Unlike the larger players, each beer we brew is all natural with no additives. We’re also strong believers in low beer miles. Every bottle contains local and Australian ingredients wherever possible because we think they are as good as or better than any you’ll find in the world. At Rehn Bier, you’ll discover and enjoy all the aromas, flavours and passion that come with a well-made artisan beer. We’ll provide you the perfect complement to the delicious wine, food and produce that this region is globally renowned for.

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