AGM Agenda and Details.

The SABC Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday July 18, 2015; 2pm at the Wheatsheaf Hotel. Please see the linked Agenda for the order of events.

An annual general meeting (aka AGM) is a meeting that the club is required to hold by the Incorporations Act. Legal requirements aside, the AGM provides an important opportunity for all club members to review the past year of the clubs operation and to ask questions of the committee members. At the AGM members will receive a report from the President, which will recap all of the clubs achievements of the year. The Treasurer will present an audited treasurers report, which details the financial status for the club.

At the 2015 AGM, we will also be updating the Clubs Constitution to add further clarification to the clubs purpose and rules.

An important part of any AGM is the election of new club officers for the next membership year. All committee positions will be declared vacant and the following positions need to be filled:

a)      President – The President chairs committee meetings, club meetings and leads the club. They provide the clubs direction and leadership for the committee.

b)      Vice-President – The Vice President is the backup president. They assist the president in their duties.

c)      Secretary – The Secretary handles all correspondence for the club. They prepare agendas and keep minutes of all meetings.

d)      Treasurer – The Treasurer handles the clubs funds. The Treasurer keeps accurate financial records for the club and prepares brief financial statements for each monthly meeting of the Club Committee. The treasurer also prepares the treasurers report and arranges for it to be audited prior to the AGM.

e)      General Committee Members – General committee members attend committee meetings and aide in running the clubs events.

All committee members represent SABC and assist with running club events and competitions; and the committee generally meets once every one to two months. Without an active committee SABC cannot function. Please give your consideration to joining the SABC committee and be prepared to nominate for any position. Your help is what makes SABC great!

Finally, to close out the AGM, Any other business is raised. This provides an opportunity for any member to ask a question or to raise club business for discussion.

The SABC committee looks forward to seeing you at the AGM to help make 2015/2016 an even better brewing year.

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