SABC Summer Competition – Results announcement!

The SABC Summer Competition has been run and won!

On Saturday the 21st of March judges and stewards headed to the Wheaty nice and early to get stuck into some steam beer.

With a total of 20 entries, the California Commons beers were split across two tables with three judges each. After each table had scored their beers, the top three beers from each table faced off in a best of show style round with Jade, Laura and Brad selecting a 1, 2 and 3 overall placing.

The decision between the top two beers was a tough one, with both beers being well brewed but having some characteristics that were on the edge of the style definition. In the end, the top three placings were as follows:

1. Simon Rofe
2. Craig Milnes
3. James Forrest

Simon will now have the chance to work with Jade and Laura to brew a batch on the Wheaty Brewing Corps rig later in the year. It sounds like he may have to throw a few extra hops on the day to keep them happy though. 🙂

While the California Common beers were being judged, the current BJCP study group took on the Other category. With beers ranging from a blonde ale, through dry stout to a caramelised fig and coffee imperial oatmeal stout they had quite a challenge adjusting their palette with each beer, bet eventually decided on a standout.

Matt Kennedy took out the category with an American IPA which by all accounts was a very good example of the style.

SABC would like to thank Jade and Laura from the Wheaty for providing us with this opportunity and their support of the competition. Also the other judges, Brad, Dan and Dave from the Wheaty, Ian for stewarding, and the BJCP group, Gary, Jules and anyone we’ve likely forgotten!

Scoresheets and the remaining unopened beers will be available at the May SABC meeting for collection.
Don’t forget the SABC Spring Competition categories have been announced and with a lager in the mix you’ll need to start thinking about brewing soon to have your been in top condition for judging.

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