Call for SMASH beers @ April Meeting

SABC is looking for brewers to have a bash at brewing an Aussie SMASH beer. This is the challenge for the meeting on theĀ 15th of April 2015. Why not give it a shot?

To clarify, a S.M.A.S.H beer is a beer made with a Single Malt And Single Hop. The SABC SMASH is based on two Aussie ingredients: Ale Malt (Barrett Burston or Joe White/Cargill, only one) and Galaxy hops. Brewers are welcome to try their hand at different yeast, self modification of malt, DIY crystal, and of course your own mash, fermentation and bottling variations.

Please advise the club if you will be brewing specifically for this event. If there is significant interest and submission, we will investigate means for offering each beer for tasting.

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