ANHC – It went off!

Well, ANHC has been and gone, and what a packed few days that was!  A few of us did the whole enchilada, and I think we all agree that it was well worth it.  Tiring though.  All that beer…

The cherry on the cake was Club Night, and what a night.  After a mad scramble to get the Boat Bar assembled, plumbed, lines cleaned and beer flowing, we took out the gong for best represented club!  Thanks to all that put in time and effort to bring the Boat from the dreams of a middle aged car salesman to the reality of an eight-tap plus outboard hand pump beer behemoth.  We ended up with something like 13 kegs on the night, and I think everyone who contributed got a beer on tap.  Here are a few photos from the night, for those that don’t do Facebook.

Dad dropped in…

The dread pirate BJ with the great Stan Hieronymus

The dread pirate BJ and his mate Pink-Sword

Who ya gonna call?

The gang with Barry Morgan

Technical crew at work

Club Night Ahoy!

With a couple of weekends’ work from a few of our members, we have a pretty nifty bar, in the shape of a small dinghy, ready to go for Club Night.  What we are missing is a bit of set dressing to take our Pirates with Paddles theme to the next level.

If you have any marine paraphernalia that you are willing to lend the club for an evening, please get in touch with Gary on 0417 893 321.  We’re thinking tea chests, anchors, buoys, nets or anything that you think would fit the theme.

And don’t be afraid to get out that old pirate costume you’ve got stashed in the back of the wardrobe.  Stuffed parrots not mandatory but preferred. Think of it as a practise run for the Pirate Life event later in the year.

See you there, me hearties!

Club Night Brewers, We Need You!

We think we may still need a few more brewers for ANHC Club Night, but it’s really hard to tell IF WE DON’T KNOW WHO IS BREWING!

PLEASE, if you are brewing or can brew for Club Night, can you take one minute (that’s all it will take) to fill out the on-line form here. The information that you provide will make planning easier for those people trying to pull this event together.


ANHC Club Night Boat Build

The final (hopefully) push to get the boat-bar finished for Club Night is scheduled for Saturday September 3rd.  Anyone with any kind of manual skills (let’s face it, opposable thumbs will do) who has a bit of time to help out in the morning would be most welcome.  Gary will throw a few snags on the BBQ, and maybe we can even persuade him to knock the lids of a couple of his finest (or you could bring one of your own…)

As mentioned at the meeting this week, we also need some more people to put their hand up to brew for the event, so if you have a keg to spare or the time to brew one in time for mid-October, or if you can help with the build on the 3rd, please let us know.

We also talked about gas supplies for Club Night.  The ANHC has asked if we can organise as many cylinders as possible, so if you can spare one for the night please get in touch via the  Club Night email address:

ANHC Club night

We are still looking for a few handy people to help out with the conversion of Gary’s dingy into the winning bar at the ANHC club night.  At the moment working days have been scheduled for Saturday 13th of August and Saturday 20th of August.  If you think you can spare some time, please contact Gary on 0417 893 321.  We also need dispense gear (which will all go back to its owners), so if you have fittings, disconnects or anything else useful please let us know.

We will no doubt have the best bar on the night, but it will all be for nothing if we don’t have beer flowing through the taps.  We have some brewers lined up, but still need more.  If you can commit to brewing a batch for the night, please let us know.  Running out of beer would not be a good look…

Positions Vacant

We have a need for hands-on folk to undertake the construction of HMAS “Soon To Be Named” for the ANHC club night.  We are converting a wooden row boat into a super-bar, with taps, cask and hand pump, and hopefully even a hoppinator.

The following vacancies are open, the more the merrier:

  • Creative types who can think of a theme and appropriate dress code for the evening.
  • Brewers – we need to serve kegged beer. The theme I am sure will be released by the ANHC committee soon.
  • Construction crew and a venue to house a 3 metre x 2 metre wooden boat and hand trolley.
  • Kegging equipment suppliers/ fibreglass or insulation specialists.
  • Cask crew needed. 1-2 casks, appropriate brews and a hand pump arrangement.
  • Transport crew – Ed has volunteered his van but the boat just won’t jump in like Porter the dog does.
  • Thirsty people .. We just can’t go with a dry run can we?

Please contact Gary at or 0417 893 321

There is 5 weeks until the AGM it would be great to most of the construction done by then and an unofficial launch shortly after.

As the local club this year, we have no excuses not to pull off something amazing, so even if you can only spare an afternoon, if you have some time and skills to offer please step up.