Winter Competition Score Sheets

After some technical issues, we’re happy to report that the score sheets for the winter comp are now available on the Compmaster website. Please let us know if you have any difficulties accessing them.

For those that entered the stout category, please note that the aggregate scores for that category have been calculated differently to the other categories due to a glitch.  The scores have all been checked manually and the placings (and indeed the scores within the category relative to each other) are consistent.  If you add the scores you got from the three judges, you will get a higher figure that the aggregate score on the website.  If you then divide by 4 and multiply by 3, you should get a matching figure.  This has happened because when entering the judge details, we ended up with a phantom fourth judge in the stouts category, which couldn’t be deleted.  The spreadsheet then expected four sheets per entry and calculated the totals as such.  If you are unsure about this or require further explanation, please get in touch.

We have certainly learned a few things from our first attempt using Compmaster, but on the whole it was a positive experience.  The site is under constant development, and we now have a good idea of what to look out for, so the next competition should be smoother.  If you have any specific feedback, please let us know.

Winter Competition Results

The Winter Competition has been run and won, with a good number of members turning out to try their hand at judging.  The total number of entries across the four categories was 43, and the quality of beer entered was on the whole very high.  Here’s how it panned out:

Pale Ales:

  1. Brendan Hennessy – British Golden Ale
  2. Brendan Hennessy – Australian Sparkling Ale
  3. Clint Fisher – Pale American Ale


India Pale Ales:

  1. Kieren Vercoe – IPA
  2. Gary Waters – English IPA
  3. Tony Dichiera – IPA


Strong Ales:

  1. Simon Rofe – Scottish Heavy
  2. Lachlan Johnson – Scottish Heavy
  3. Kieren Vercoe – Strong British Ale



  1. Greg Wieder – Irish Stout (Tied on total points, and awarded on count back)
  2. Brendan Hennessy – Irish Extra Stout
  3. Brendan Hennessy – Irish Stout

Clearly, the floor was well and truly mopped by Brendan, who also took the Beer of Show prize. He has earned himself a brew day at Little Bang Brewing, where no doubt he’ll be doing some more floor mopping…

A huge thanks to our sponsors for coming up with some great prizes for this competition.  Grain and hops were provided by Beerbelly, grain by Country Brewer at Kilburn, gift vouchers by Country Brewer at Clovelly Park, and of course the brew day from Little Bang will no doubt be a hoot, knowing Ryan and Fil.  Thanks also to Ryan for coming along and judging the Beer of Show for us.

Score sheets will be scanned and emailed in the coming weeks, and the Brewer of the Year leaderboard should be updated in the next couple of days.



Winter Competition Reminder

Don’t forget to get your entries in for the Winter Competition, which is being judged after the AGM on July 23rd.  Head over to the Compmaster website to enter your winning beer.

Bottles can be dropped off at the Wheaty in the week prior, or brought on the day, or if you want to organise a drop off with a committee member please email us.

The stakes are high, with the winner of beer of the day getting a brew day at Little Bang! How cool is that!

Gawler Show

The Gawler Show is coming up soon, and the entry details have now been posted on their website.  Head over to our Competitions page for the relevant links and info.  You’ll also find the dates have been added to the calendar.

Anyone who is interested in judging or stewarding, please contact Gary Waters on 0417 893 321 or Steve Wilkins on 0417 879 774

Good luck!

Winter Competition Update

We are trialling Compmaster, which is a web application, for this year’s Winter Competition, and I’m happy to announce that the competition is now live on the website.  You can get to the Compmaster website here. Once the page has loaded you will need to create an account, after which you will be able to choose the SABC Winter Competition from the “Select a Competition” tab, and proceed to fill out one or more entry forms.

The process is pretty straight forward and self-guiding, however if anyone has any difficulties please send us an email.

Summer Competition Results

At the March meeting last night we had the pleasure of announcing the winner and place-getters of the summer competition.  Jade gave us a run down of the style (Session IPA, if you’ve been under a rock), and a good summary of the entries judged.  The scores were quite tightly grouped, with Jade commenting that they scored hard.  So without further ado, here are the results:

1st place: Kieren Vercoe
2nd place: Kieren Vercoe
3rd place: Darren Billett

All place-getters took home a 2kg bag of grain, some silicone tubing and a tube clamp, as well as some back issues of Beer and Brewer. Second place also got a mash weapon, with first place taking the coveted “brew your beer at the Wheaty” prize. Kieren will get to brew his beer some time in August or September, and the aim is to have it on tap in time for ANHC in October. I’ts hard to think of better bragging rights than that!

Well done to all entrants, and thanks especially to Jade and the Wheaty for your ongoing support, Simon Rofe for the procurement of prizes, and those who judged the competition.


A quick reminder to send us an email at if you are intending to come to the BeerBQ in April, but also to let us know if you are bringing a keg.  This event is is fully self catered by the club, and we need beer to drink on the night.  Don’t forget that there will be an informal “beer of the night” competition with points towards BOTY up for grabs (not to mention a fabulous prize).

SABC Winter Competition Announced

The SABC Winter Competition was announced at the February meeting, and for those not in attendance (or who suffer from poor short term memory), here are the details:

The competition will be judged along the lines of the last winter competition, with all members eligible to judge.  We had good feedback from those who took part in the judging at the last competition, and it gives those with little or no experience a chance to have a go at judging along side more experienced judges.

The judging date is set for July 23rd, and entries will close one week prior to that.

There will be four broad categories based on the BJCP 2015 guidelines:

1- Pale Ales: 12A, 12B, 18, 24B

2- India Pale Ales: 12C, 21

3- Strong Ales: 14B, 14C, 17, 22, 25, 26C, 26D

4- Stouts: 15B, 15C, 16, 20B, 20C

This competition will attract double points towards Brewer of the Year, so start planning and get brewing.  We want everyone to have as good a chance as possible to refine their beers prior to SABSOSA, which of course leads into AABC here in Adelaide later in the year. Carpet bombing is encouraged!

Summer Competition Update

We are now able to announce that the Summer Competition will be judged at the Wheaty on Saturday March 12th.  Entries close on March 5th.  Please see the Competitions page here for details and the entry form.

Due to the fact that SABC competitions generally are limited category, the committee has decided to weight the Brewer of the Year points for the two annual SABC competitions.  This means that the Summer Competition, which only has one category, will attract triple points.  The Winter Competition will have at least two but probably more categories, and will attract double points.  We will be announcing the Winter Competition at the February meeting, so stay tuned.

Good luck and happy brewing!

2016 Tanunda Show Home Brew Competition


Show Day 12th March

For those wanting a real head start in the 2016 BOTY this is great news
Tanunda has expanded its Home Brew Competition to 11 categories
That means a total of 66 points is available towards this years BOTY
Tanunda has always been well supported by its sponsors  and great prizes can be won

For more details please contact:
Luke Willis 0403 438 923
Gary Waters 0417 893 321


With the increase in interest in Home brewing and Craft brewing the number and quality of judges needs to take the next leap forward.

2016 will be an exciting year for competitions and judging with the following events:

  • Tanunda increasing categories to 11, potentially being BJCP recognised
  • The second opportunity for a club brewer to brew with the Wheaty
  • Oct 2016 sees 12 places available for BJCP qualification (potentially doubling the number of qualified judges for SA)
  • Openings for a second BJCP study group with exams already lodged for April 2017
  • Another record year for number of entries and brewers for SABSOSA
  • AABC is here in October ( no transport this time, could we contemplate taking top state?)
  • 24 Country comps are sponsored by  SABSOSA
  • Don’t forget Gawler and the second club comp

So the call out is LOUD. We need as many people as possible to put their hand up to help these competitions flourish.

Judging will give anyone a better understanding of beer styles, brewing techniques and achieving results.

Feel free to contact Gary Waters 0417 893 321 on any matter