6 Pack Swap

At April’s meeting we will be starting our first 6 pack swap. The idea is simple:

The way it will work, the swap is not limited by number. We’ll distribute fairly the swap bottles such that everyone swapping comes home with 6 different beers.

Basically, bring six bottles of homebrew clearly marked. At the meeting, deliver to the swap table onto a piece of a4 paper with your name on it. We’ll do the divvy magic during the meeting, afterwards pick up ur swap beers.

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Winter SABC Comp Announcement

This years Winter Comp will be aimed towards our push for SABSOSA and AABC success. With that in mind we will be targeting some of the lesser brewed categories to hopefully place strongly in these sections. Categories open for our Winter Comp will include the following AABC sections:

1.0 Low Alchohol

7.0 Brown Ale

13.0 Wheat and Rye Ale

14.0 Sour Ale

17.0 Fruit/Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

The competition will be judged at the July Club meeting (18th July 2018) which will co-incide with our AGM. Competition portal will be set up shortly.

As usual, the prizes will be fantastic. Ready, set, BREW!!

March Club Meeting Weds 21st

It’s back to the Wheaty for the March brew Club meeting on Wednesday 21st March from 7pm.

This month we’ll be asking the question; Can you brew a decent kit beer by following Coopers Kit instructions by the letter, or can some advanced methods be used to pimp it up? Club member Luke Scrivens has kindly volunteered to put this to the test in a brew off with one Kit beer brewed by the Coopers instructions and one brewed with more science involved with yeast, pitch rates and temperature in mind. A blind tasting will of course ensue.

Tastings for the meeting for feedback are encouraged, please email the Club to register your interest to bring  tasting at: info@sabrew.com


April Social Gathering Case Swap Sat 7th April

Brew Adelaide Case Swap has been a bit of a local homebrewing institution in SA.  Held twice yearly, and organised by the top folk on the Brew Adelaide forum, this years event will be a collaborative affair between BA locals and SABC. If you’re interested to attend, register your name on the BA thread: http://brewadelaide.com/forum/index.php?topic=3247.msg122818;topicseen#new

Bring some beer to share in bottles, kegs, miracle boxes, or whatever means that floats your boat and come along for a great day out.

Location: Gould Creek (Golden Grove)
Date: 7th April 2018, from 2pm till 11pm

The Case Swap is a good chance for brewers to get together to enjoy beer, talking brewing and of course talking crap. Attendees typically bring a keg or bottles of homebrew beer along to share. This is an awesome chance to try the variety of homebrew that the Brew Adelaide community produce. Food will be organised closer to the date by the host. A small contribution towards catering will be appreciated, approximately $10pp. Attendees will be advised closer the date of address details.

Good people, good food and of course good beer. All welcome.

Malt bulk buy

Unfortunately due to a lack of interest in the Gladfields malt buy, we will not be going ahead with the bulk buy at this time. Apologies to those who have made purchases, these will be refunded in full in the coming few days.

If you have any feedback for how or when we conduct buys again in the future, or if you have not received your refund within a week, please send us an email at info@sabrew.com