January Meeting

The January meeting is coming up this Wednesday, and while we don’t have a formal presentation this month, there is lots to talk about with upcoming events, competitions and and other exciting stuff.  There will also be plenty of time for tastings, so if you have brewed something interesting (intentionally or not…), let us know by emailing info@sabrew.com and bring it along.  Two to three longnecks or equivalent generally will suffice, and be prepared with as much info about your recipe and brew day as you can find.

For those who have not yet collected their glasses (there’s quite a few!), they will be available at the meeting, and we may even get our act together enough for a raffle.

See you at the Wheaty at 7pm on Wednesday.


2016 Tanunda Show Home Brew Competition

ENTRIES CLOSE FEBRUARY 26TH See tanundashow.org.au for details

Show Day 12th March

For those wanting a real head start in the 2016 BOTY this is great news
Tanunda has expanded its Home Brew Competition to 11 categories
That means a total of 66 points is available towards this years BOTY
Tanunda has always been well supported by its sponsors  and great prizes can be won

For more details please contact:
Luke Willis 0403 438 923
Gary Waters 0417 893 321


With the increase in interest in Home brewing and Craft brewing the number and quality of judges needs to take the next leap forward.

2016 will be an exciting year for competitions and judging with the following events:

  • Tanunda increasing categories to 11, potentially being BJCP recognised
  • The second opportunity for a club brewer to brew with the Wheaty
  • Oct 2016 sees 12 places available for BJCP qualification (potentially doubling the number of qualified judges for SA)
  • Openings for a second BJCP study group with exams already lodged for April 2017
  • Another record year for number of entries and brewers for SABSOSA
  • AABC is here in October ( no transport this time, could we contemplate taking top state?)
  • 24 Country comps are sponsored by  SABSOSA
  • Don’t forget Gawler and the second club comp

So the call out is LOUD. We need as many people as possible to put their hand up to help these competitions flourish.

Judging will give anyone a better understanding of beer styles, brewing techniques and achieving results.

Feel free to contact Gary Waters 0417 893 321 on any matter