SABC Winter Competition Judging

At the August member’s meeting last week we sat down to judge the Winter Competition (previously incorrectly referred to as the Spring Competition – not sure where that slipped in!). As a bit of a social experiment judging was open to all in attendance, and we were extremely pleased to see that just about everyone there had a go at judging. There were many first-timers, and from casual discussion later in the evening it seems that overall it was a positive experience, with a number of members saying that their interest in judging had been ignited.

For those not present on the day, here are the results:

1st James Forrest
2nd Matt Kennedy
3rd Clint Fisher

Foreign Extra Stout:
1st Gary Waters
2nd Matt Kennedy
3rd Brendan Hennessy

1st Simon Rofe – Dry Stout
2nd Matt Kennedy – Scottish Ale
3rd Clint Fisher – American IPA

Beer Of Show: Matt Kennedy – Oktoberfest

Congratulations to all place-getters, and in particular to Matt Kennedy who not only placed in all categories, but took out the Beer Of Show gong. We are putting together some fabulous prize packs, to be presented along with the Brewer of the Year announcement at the next club event, which will be announced very soon.

Robe Beer Festival

The Robe beer festival is on this weekend, with a number of events at the Institute on Saturday, including a presentation by Stephen Nelsen, and beer and cider tastings. Judging for the competition will also take place on Saturday, with the winners announced at a dinner in the evening.

On Sunday The Robe Town Brewery are holding an open day.  There will be brewery tours, food and live music all in a beautiful (but no doubt chilly) sea side setting.

The Melaleuca Motel in Robe has contacted the SABC and is offering discounted accommodation to our members for anyone who would like to stay overnight.  Talk to Megan or Matthew on 08 87682599, or check their website here for other contact options.  Be sure to mention that you are an SABC member.

Competition Reminder

Just a reminder that the judging for the next competition is next Wednesday at the regular club meeting.  If you would like your entries to have time to settle, please contact the club via email, or myself on the number that is listed on the entry form and rules.

Entries received by Monday will be taken to the Wheaty and stored in their cold room on Monday evening.  Any entries received after that will be stored and transported appropriately to the Wheaty on Wednesday just prior to the meeting and judging.

Good luck to all entrants, and we look forward to seeing you all there!

SABC 2015 Spring Competition

The Spring competition, which was announced in March, will be judged at the next SABC general meeting on Wednesday August 19 at the Wheaty.

The format of the judging will be slightly different from usual, being an open judging session where any member interested in judging will be able to sit on a panel with an experienced BJCP certified judge and learn more about the process.  South Australia needs more judges, and the hope is to get some more people interested in undertaking the BJCP certification course.

All beers will be judged according to style, and any major scoring discrepancies will be reviewed. All other SABC competition rules will apply as usual.  See the link below for entry forms and rules.

Any member with beers to enter in the competition and who is unable to attend the August meeting can contact the club via email or the organiser on the phone number listed in the rules. Members attending the meeting, please be at the Wheaty by 6.30pm with your beers, as we are aiming to start the judging as close to 7.00pm as possible.

As always, please send any questions through to

Good luck!