2016 AGM

The AGM is this coming Saturday the 23rd of July, starting at 1pm sharp out the back at the Wheaty.

Attached to this post are the agenda for the AGM, as well as the minutes of the last AGM.

At the AGM, all committee positions will be declared vacant, and any financial member is eligible to nominate for a role on the committee.  There are four club officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  There are also up to four general committee members, one of which this year we are specifically targeting as a development officer. This role is essentially to build relationships between the club and potential sponsors and the brewing community generally.  Anyone who wishes to nominate for a position can send an email, or nominate on the day.

Another (final, I promise) reminder that to be eligible to vote at the AGM, you must be a financial member.

We hope to see as many members there as possible, and don’t for get the Winter Competition judging is straight after the AGM.

South Australian Brewing Club 2016 AGM Agenda

SABC 2015 AGM minutes

June meeting

The June meeting is coming up, and it should be another interesting one.  This month’s topic is “All Grain vs Extract”, and we will have two beers to compare and discuss, brewed by Luke and Simon, which were brewed especially for the meeting.  Hopefully we will all learn a bit about recipe conversion, and factors to take into account when doing so.

As always, if you have a beer you would like to present, please email us and bring along three longnecks ore equivalent.  Please be prepared to talk about your beer and have as much info on the recipe and brewday as possible.

See you at the Wheaty on Wednesday the 15th, 7pm out the back.

May meeting

The next meeting is a couple of weeks away, on May 18th.  This month we are conducting a beer faults tasting session, where we will be presenting three “spiked” beers with common faults.  A big thanks to Dr. Smurto for helping out with this.  Hopefully it is a good learning experience for everyone.

If you have a beer that you would like to present, send us an email and bring it along.  Aim for three longnecks or equivalent, and please be prepared to discuss your beer in detail (i.e. have the recipe and any notes from the brew day on hand).  If you would like your beer to be judged against a style, that’s no problem.  We always have judging forms on hand.

The AGM is coming

As announced at the April meeting, the AGM is being held on Saturday July 23rd, starting at 1pm, to the back at the Wheaty.  Keen observers will have noted that this is also the date for judging the winter competition. We will power through the AGM first, and then get on to the judging after that.

All committee positions will be declared vacant at the AGM, and absolutely anyone (who is a financial member) is eligible to nominate for a position.  Nominations can be mailed to the club in advance, and are also open on the day of the AGM.

There will be an agenda circulated closer to the event, but if you have any questions regarding the AGM, being on the committee or indeed anything else please send us an email at info@sabrew.com

Thanks Little Bang!

A huge thanks to Ryan and Fil at Little Bang for Hosting the April meeting.  It was great to hear their story, poke around their brewery and of course drink their excellent beers.  We’re looking forward to more visits and other exciting stuff!

IMG_1962 image1 image2

April Meeting Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the April meeting, which is this Wednesday, will be at Little Bang Brewing.  We will be kicking off at 7pm as usual with a bit of business, and any tastings that people bring along.  There are no tastings lined up so far, so if you have something you want to share, please email us and bring it along.

Little Bang are at 8a Union Street Stepney, check the original post here for full directions.

See you there!

April Meeting Venue Change

The April SABC meeting, which is at 7pm on Wednesday the 20th of April will not be at the Wheaty.

Little Bang Brewing have very kindly offered to host us this month, with a brewery tour, plenty of beers to try, and a good deal of witty banter no doubt.  The usual starting time of 7pm remains, however if you’re a little early don’t worry. You can always chip in and do a spot of cleaning!

See below for directions:

January Meeting

The January meeting is coming up this Wednesday, and while we don’t have a formal presentation this month, there is lots to talk about with upcoming events, competitions and and other exciting stuff.  There will also be plenty of time for tastings, so if you have brewed something interesting (intentionally or not…), let us know by emailing info@sabrew.com and bring it along.  Two to three longnecks or equivalent generally will suffice, and be prepared with as much info about your recipe and brew day as you can find.

For those who have not yet collected their glasses (there’s quite a few!), they will be available at the meeting, and we may even get our act together enough for a raffle.

See you at the Wheaty at 7pm on Wednesday.


December meeting

The December meeting is this coming Wednesday, and in keeping with previous years will be an informal (like we’re ever very formal…) Christmas drinks get together.  We will do a pizza order, which will be $5 per person, and if you’ve been a good little brewer Santa may throw a pint of beer down the chimney at you.

Hope to see you there!